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Computer configuration generally refers to the computer hardware accessories high-end degree, cost-effective, and so on, the performance of the computer mainly depends on the following aspects.

(1) CPU: Determine the speed of operation, such as Celeron D2.66g, where "2.66G" refers to its operating speed, but here the unit "G" and the Hard Disk "G" is different, not the size, the CPU "G" is "GHZ" is the frequency, that is, can operate 2.66G per second.

(2) Motherboard: Determines the operation speed and stability, because the motherboard application chip different, can be divided into many kinds, such as 845, 865, 895, 815, (3) hard disk: Decide to read, save data speed and size, such as 80g/7200/0.8m, where 80G is the size, 7200 is rotational speed, Speed determines the rate at which data is read and stored, and 0.8M is the hard disk cache, but also determine the speed (4) Graphics: Determine the screen display effect and display speed, its performance index generally look at its memory and the number of digits, such as people often say double 128, that is, memory and the number of digits are 128.

The above several items can decide to configure the level of high-grade, the other is the secondary, and now the General Board are integrated network card, sound card, etc., have little impact!

How do we look at the computer configuration, right click on "My Computer"-"Device Manager" includes hardware version, performance index, software version information, etc., are inside!

Generally speaking, the speed of the computer response does not say that a single hardware impact on it, they need to match each other (the same reason), of course, hardware accounted for the main factor, the second is the optimization of software settings:

First from the hardware

1, CPU, this mainly depends on the frequency and level two cache, the higher the frequency, two-level cache, the faster the future CPU will have three levels of cache, four level cache, etc., affect the response speed.

2, memory, memory access speed depends on the interface, the number of particles and storage size (including the memory of the interface, such as: sdram133,ddr233,ddr2-533,ddr3-800), in general, the larger the memory, processing data capacity, the faster the speed.

3, the main board, or processing chips, such as: Notebook i965 than i945 chip processing capacity is stronger, i945 than i910 chip in the processing of data more powerful, and so on.

4, hard disk, hard disk in the daily use, consider less, but there are some effects, first of all, the speed of the hard disk (points: High-speed hard drives and low-speed hard drives, high-speed hard drives are generally used in large servers, such as: 10000 rpm, 15000 rpm; Low speed hard drives are used in general computers, including laptops), Desktop computers generally use a 7200 rpm, notebook computer generally use 5400 rpm, this is mainly considering the power dissipation and cooling reasons.

5, Graphics card: This is the operation of large program software response speed has a direct connection, such as the operation of Cad2007,3dstudio, 3DMAX and other graphics software. In addition to the hardware level of the graphics card, there is a "shared memory" technology, and the general memory chip is different, that is, the "Shared memory" technology, need to read memory from RAM, to deal with the needs of the corresponding program. Or some people call it: dynamic memory. This kind of technology is used more in the notebook computer.

6, the power supply, this as long as the power is sufficient and stability is good, also OK.

7, the Monitor: the monitor and the motherboard's interface also has the influence, just people generally did not care too much.

Let's say the Software section:

1, operating system: A simple example to illustrate: The current computer, the same configuration, running the original Windows 98 is certainly faster than running the original Windwos XP, and the original XP is certainly faster than running the original Windows Vista speed, which means that the same configuration, The larger the system resources the software occupies, the slower the speed, and the faster the reverse.

Also, the original English version of the operating system running English program than running the Chinese version of the program stability and speed are related. Therefore, this particular emphasis is on the original system, that is, no streamlined system. Similarly, streamlined Windows XP is generally faster than the original XP, because it has a noticeable increase in speed by streamlining some of the less frequently used programs and consuming less system resources.

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