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Internet Café Network equipment needs regular maintenance and management, do not wait until the problem arises, then to troubleshoot, large fee twists and turns to solve the problem. Daily network equipment maintenance work, can ensure the sound operation of the Internet Bar Network.

Like some Internet cafes do not use the router, but directly with the proxy server. Once the proxy server freezes, maintenance checks take a certain amount of time and effort. When the network returned to normal, found that most Internet users may not wait to leave, resulting in the loss of Internet cafes operations, but also lost a number of new customers.

So, how to maintain the Internet bar network equipment?

Internet Café Equipment maintenance needs professional network technicians, maintenance more complex, so how to better manage and maintain the network will become a network construction needs to consider the important issues, and sometimes the Internet café equipment problems, a few hours to maintain good, the operation of Internet cafes has caused a great impact.

The solution to this problem is to simplify network management as much as possible. Internet cafes to buy back the network equipment, management and maintenance is a relatively large aspect of cost. As many Internet café administrators do not have a very professional computer network knowledge, which requires the selected equipment to be easy to install, easy to configure, easy to manage, easy to use, user debugging management interface friendly and simple, preferably the Web Management control mode. This can in a way greatly shorten the Internet bar system maintenance and repair time.

For example, if the internal switch supports AUTOMDI/MDIX, it eliminates the problem of confusing positive and reverse lines. At the same time, if there is a problem in the network, but also need to be able to locate problems in a timely manner, to find the root cause of the problem and solve, then use the log function will be very fast through the analysis of network equipment operation and operation log location problems.

The above is the Internet Café network equipment maintenance methods, I hope to help you.

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