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This article today to talk about is to make a personalized signature tutorial, so that you know how to make their own photos of your favorite signature picture, OK we now look at the signature of the production process.

Okay, now let's talk about the signature process.

Open two figures for the image, whitening and drawing respectively.

2. Open the background material, adjust to the size of their own, and then two white and good picture one by one dragged into the background layer, put a good position.
3. Drag such as material 1, the layer blending mode to "lighten", and then drag as the material 2 flowers placed in the attack the desired position.
4. Select the foreground and background colors as red and then pull

change, the layer blending mode is changed to "Color filter".

5. Fill pattern (first open material 3 to define pattern), layer opacity to: 34%, and then use the Eraser tool to erase the pattern on the face.
6. Fill the white silk ladder here is white, then the mode is changed to "soft light", layer opacity to: 57%.
7. Finally add their favorite decorative brush to complete the final effect.

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