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No art and programming knowledge will not affect our production of chrome browser theme background, as long as the use of a chrome plugin can

1, first login Google Browser App Store, in the search box to enter "My Chrome theme Background", press ENTER, and then in the search results of the "application" can see it. Click the "Free" button behind the application name to download and install it into chrome. When you have finished installing the application, it is best to restart the browser, so that you can see a "my Chrome theme Background" icon in the main interface, click on the icon to start the application, follow the wizard step-by-step to complete the production of the skin.

2, click on the interface of "start making theme Background" button, into the skin of the production link (. The first application will require the user to import a picture, which provides two ways to import. The user can either import a picture or photo that is already on the disk, or take a picture that needs to be taken immediately through the webcam. Here we click on the "Upload Picture" button, in the pop-up window to select the picture on the local disk.

3, in order to make it and the browser better integration, but also need to upload a slight adjustment of the picture. Click the "Adjust Position" button and select the appropriate command in the pop-up adjustment menu, such as selecting the "Center" command in the second "Fit screen size" (Figure 2). Then click the "Picture Effect" button, in the pop-up window can be used with the characteristics of the filter, the picture for further processing, when satisfied with the click "OK" to confirm.

4, click on the window in the upper right corner of the "Continue Step 2" command button, then began to color the background of the skin processing. The content of the palette includes the toolbar color, the background label color, and the frame color. Clicking "Modify Toolbar Color" will pop up a palette selection window from which you can select a color that you think is appropriate (Figure 3). If the user after many tests can not find a feeling, then the application for everyone prepared a secret weapon, that is, directly click the window below the "lucky" button, so that the application will be based on the background image of the main color, automatically configure the colors of each option.

4, Next click the "Continue Step 3" button in the upper right corner, set the name of the skin in the input box of the operation interface, and then click "Set as my theme Background" button after the application began to make skin. Wait a moment, you can see the skin to make the completion of the hint. Click on the "Install my Theme Background" button on the interface to download the skin and install it immediately (Figure 4).

Written in the last

It is not very fulfilling to see the unique skin that you have made in your own hands (Fig. 5). If you want to make a good skin and friends to share, you can also click "Set as my theme background" under the "Shared Theme Background" button, then the application will create a share link, the link to their friends, they simply click on the application of it.

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