How to make a concise and accurate description of the needs of the technical staff

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Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: how the product personnel describe the requirements to the technician.

Recently participated in a new product version of the requirements of the discussion, the process responsible for the product of the child product personnel (some smart handsome boy, haha) in the early stage of the needs of the discussion, whether it is to listen to other people's opinions or express their views, are very smooth, but always at the end of the summary of the needs of the main point of the speech to make a jam, not grasp the point, said not clear, Thinking knot, since said one to all scratching his head, not to mention the hearer was dizzy.

Several times down not law, after I have summed up, how to do to the technical staff concise and accurate description of the needs:
Here you are (in here)
Do something (do something)
What's going on, what's gotten (happen something, get something)
HDH description allows technicians to be more precise and unbiased in understanding: what to do.

To cite a simple example:
Document name: A management module V4 requirements detailed. xlsx
Requirements Category: List page update requirements
Requirements in detail:
1, Information list page--here, the initial display status-done (do something), each row of information to increase the display of four status icons, each icon shows whether the rule is ... --what has happened, what has been gained (happen something, get something);
2, (current page) on each line of the new Message status icon (Small page-like) on--Here, click-Do something (do something), surfaced message display layer and display content (maximum display words 50, more than cut words and fill ...) ), time information--what happened, what got (happen something, get something)

In addition, if the complexity of a functional process is more branching--such as the actual application of the workflow engine, you can consider using mind brain mapping tools to quickly draw a tree map, with more intuitive visual effects to help organize and explain the various conditions of the branch process processing and mutual relations, today is not much time is not a special example to illustrate. I believe you will encounter in the daily work, may wish to try.

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