How to make a design paragraph indent in a Web page

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When using Dreamweaver to make Web pages about the content of documents, if it is written in English, paragraphs are generally not indented (do not support half-width spaces); If indentation is required, it often needs to be resolved in the following ways:

1, artificial add two Chinese full-width space, can show the position indent effect.

2, insert point diagram or graphic

A point diagram is one or more pixels in a picture that you can't see with the unaided eye. When we insert such a point graph at the beginning of a paragraph, and then adjust the left and right spaces of the point graph with the hspace and Vspace properties to reach the paragraph indent.

You can also insert a graphic, except that the color of the graphic needs to be in the background color of the page, which adjusts the size of the graphics with the width and height properties of the img to indent.

Insert Graphics method, we need to master the scale of hspace and vspace size, so that it just set aside two Chinese characters position, this is more beautiful.

3. Insert a table without Borders and content

This is similar to the way you insert graphics, which has no borders or content, and is an empty table. Use the width and Height properties of the table to adjust the size of the tables to fit the indentation.

Using tables to locate is generally more reliable, and I often use this approach to locate more complex pages. One problem with this approach, though, is that the source file for the page becomes larger. Therefore, it is not necessarily the preferred format control.

4, insert the special space character " "

"&NBSP" represents a non-display space character. Inserts several " " characters, separated by semicolons (;) or spaces, and also enables the Chinese paragraph indentation. However, in Netscape 3.01, only lowercase letters can be written, and in IE, the case may be.

These four methods are mainly for writing Web pages using HTML language. In some web-making tools, such as Netscape, you can also complete paragraph indents with a toolbar that is designed to include spaces.

5, Pre format (pre)

The source file written in the pre-format, displayed in the source file according to the layout of the words, empty lines and spaces can be clearly distinguished. If the source file is:

--Pre-format display ...

The page will be displayed in the way you have set up the display, that is, the "pre-format display" will be empty two characters in front of the position.

By using the above method, we can solve the problem of paragraph indentation in web page making.

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