How to make a drop-down menu for Excel cells

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How to make a drop-down menu for a column in Excel
Here are two ways to introduce the implementation of the drop-down menu:
The first method is relatively simple, if the drop-down menu changes infrequently, it can be used, the second method is more suitable for frequent changes in the menu.
Note: If the drop-down button does not appear to the right when you click on the cell, the format may be missing and can be fixed by copying the cells above.

  1. How to make a drop-down menu (the following is subject to EXCEL2007, different versions may cause different steps)
    A Do a table first, such as:

    B Select the first row in the column that you want to make a drop-down menu (such as the first row in the Sex column, the non-header row), click on the menu "data"-"Data Validity"-"data Validity ...", select "Set"-"Allow" in "sequence", in "source" input drop-down menu item content Note that the separation between the drop-down items is done with a comma, and you can click the button on the right to select the desired content or enter it directly. A 1: A 5 (the value from A1 to A5 is shown here), as illustrated below:

    C At this point, clicking on cell C3 can already display a drop-down menu, but the cell below does not work. You can now copy the following cell formats using the Format Painter or the method of dragging the cells.

  2. How to use the formula to implement the drop-down menu function
    A First create a formula:
    Click "Formula"-"define Name" in the menu, enter "name" in the pop-up form and select the reference location.

    B To modify the formula contents:
    Click "Formulas"-"name Manager" in the menu, select the item you want to modify in the pop-up form, then click the "Edit" button and modify it in "reference location" below.

C Refer to the formula in the table to implement the drop-down menu function:
Click on the menu "data"-"Data Validity"-"data Validity ...", select "Set"-"Allow" in "sequence", enter "= Test" in "source" (test, the name of the formula created in the previous step), the following cell also needs to copy the format of this cell, the same as above. The example diagram is as follows:

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How to make a drop-down menu for Excel cells

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