How to make a master-slave form and function quickly in 10 minutes

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This article describes how to use the rapid development platform to create a master-slave form page

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1. Set up a data source

Create a new data source for "Test _ Reward Management _ Page":

Click the Sync field to synchronize the fields in this table ()

Create a new "test _ Reward Management _ from Table _ Page" data source

2, page design in the production page

Create a new page to configure its information

Page type Select master-slave form type

Script reference: Test.js

Add data collection (data source): Primary table information and add primary table primary key field via add field

Add from Table info: Collection Hierarchy Select Add Billcode from set associated field and Empcode Associate ancestor Field Billcode

Make a good page header to the page by copying and pasting:

Quick Build Control: Click the Quick Generate control button to build the control and refine the control information

Generated pages:

Improve the aesthetics of your page with a drag-and-pull approach

To add configuration information from the table to the page:

The JS event that defines the person number text button is used in the Test.js

To define a button in the control, click Double-clicking Event:

Save event: Punish_page_save () Delete: Punish_page_delete () Audit: Punish_page_check () Exit: Punish_page_exit ()

Add line: Punish_page_addrow () Delete line: Punish_page_delrow ()

Invoke the event in Test.js to implement the function of the button

#region Reward Management--primary single list

Reward Management--primary single list--page load
function Reward_mainlist_init () {
Func_initpagedatasource ();

Reward Management--main list--new events
function Reward_mainlist_add () {
Func_addnewdatabill (560, 540, "rsgl_reward_form.html", "Reward management", "reward_mainlist");

Reward Management--main list--edit Event
function Reward_mainlist_edit () {
Func_modifydatabill (560, 540, "rsgl_reward_form.html", "Reward management", "reward_mainlist");

Reward Management--primary single list--query events
function Reward_mainlist_search () {
Func_advquerybygrid ("Reward_mainlist");

Reward Management--main list--output event
function Reward_mainlist_export () {
Func_exportrecord ("Reward_mainlist");


#region Reward Management--edit page

Reward Management--edit Page page load
function Reward_page_init () {
Func_initpagedatasource ();
if (sys_parameter.billstate = = "Edit") {
if ($id ("Txt_status"). Value! = "Draft") {
Func_lockallcontrol ();
Func_unlockonecontrol ("Btn_exit");
} else {
Func_lockonecontrol ("Btn_delete");
Func_lockonecontrol ("Btn_check");

Reward Management--edit page--save Event
function Reward_page_save () {
Func_savebilldata ();

Reward Management--edit page--delete event
function Reward_page_delete () {

if ($id ("Txt_billcode"). Value = = "") {
Alert ("The document number is empty! Delete is not allowed! ");
Func_deletebilldata ();

Reward Management--edit page--Audit events
function Reward_page_check () {
if ($id ("Dt_effectdate"). Value = = "") {
Alert ("The effective date is not allowed to be empty!") ");

if (Confirm ("Hint: Confirm approval?")) {
var _nowdatetime = Func_getnowdate ();
var _runstrsql = "Update rsgl_reward_main set status= ' has been examined, checkempcode= '" + Userinfo.usercode + "', checkempname= '" + User Info.username + "',";
Switch (userinfo.dbtype) {//database type
Case "Oracle":
_runstrsql + = "Checkdate = To_date ('" + _nowdatetime + "', ' yyyy-mm-dd HH24:mi:ss ')";
Case "SQL Server":
_runstrsql + = "Checkdate = '" + _nowdatetime + "'";

_runstrsql + = "where billcode= '" + $id ("Txt_billcode"). Value + "'";

var _runparams = "<sql><! [cdata["+ encodeURI (_runstrsql) +"]]></sql> ";
var _runresxml = Runajax ("Execsql", _runparams);
if (_runresxml! = "0") {
Alert ("Audit success! ");
Location.reload (); Reload refreshes the current page
} else {
Alert ("Audit failed! ");

Reward Management--edit page--Exit event
function Reward_page_exit () {
Func_closedialog ();

Reward Management--edit page--Add line Event
function Reward_page_addrow () {
Func_addrow ("Emp_list");

Reward Management--edit page--delete a row of events
function Reward_page_delrow () {
Func_delrow ("Emp_list");

Reward Management--edit page--People selection
function Reward_page_selectemp (_rowindex, _colindex) {
Btnrowindex = _rowindex;
Btncolindex = _colindex;
Func_openpage (630, 445, "Personnel selection", "basis_empbaseinfo_baseselect.html", "Reward_page_setemp ()");

Reward Management--edit page--People backfill
function Reward_page_setemp (retxmlval) {
var recxmldoc = LoadXML (retxmlval);
if (!recxmldoc) return;

To edit an instance of a button event in a list
var tmnowrow = func_getrowobj ("Emp_list", Btnrowindex);
if (!tmnowrow) return;

for (var rr = 0; RR < recXmlDoc.documentElement.childNodes.length; rr++) {
var recrow = RecXmlDoc.documentElement.childNodes (RR);
for (var cc = 0; cc < recRow.childNodes.length; cc++) {
Convert to lowercase based on the bound field name to get
Switch (Recrow.childnodes[cc].nodename.tolowercase ()) {
Case "Empcode":
tmnowrow.cells[3].innerhtml = Recrow.childnodes[cc].text;
Case "EmpName":
tmnowrow.cells[4].innerhtml = Recrow.childnodes[cc].text;
Case "Orgcode":
tmnowrow.cells[5].innerhtml = Recrow.childnodes[cc].text;
Case "OrgName":
tmnowrow.cells[6].innerhtml = Recrow.childnodes[cc].text;
Break Here you get only one
Retxmlval = null;
Recxmldoc = null;


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How to make a master-slave form and function quickly in 10 minutes

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