How to make a newspaper typesetting template in Word?

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How to make a newspaper typesetting template in Word? Often read the newspaper netizens found that the newspaper layout is very beautiful, the layout is very clear, the user experience is extremely strong. In our daily work, we also have the task of producing various kinds of briefings. In the absence of professional typesetting software, how can we rule out the same layout as the newspaper? Today I will explain in detail how to use Word to imitate the layout of a newspaper.

1, open the collation of the document, the content of the font size set to 5th, the title is set to number 2nd. Of course the font of the newspaper is not necessarily like this, here we assume that is so!

2, first of all, we want to determine what kind of layout? After thinking about it, we first use text boxes in Word to underline the target plate, as shown in the following figure:

3, in accordance with the above layout, we initially fill in the text, pictures are filled into the box (text with a cut, the picture is inserted), as shown in the following figure:

4, the next, is to the initial formation of the plate to adjust, the main idea is that the text more to the less text in the cut, the picture is a little bit larger, on the move down, and finally let the entire content evenly distributed to the above four text boxes. The main mode of operation is "cut"-"paste", completed, this step does not have any shortcut to go, pure physical life, of course, if skilled, it is easy, adjust the effect as shown in the following figure.

5, the above adjustment from the formal view is also good, the following we will be the corresponding text box to set, remove the border. Press the CTRL key, click on the top five text boxes, so that all the text boxes are selected, clicking the mouse "right", in the pop-up menu, select the "Set text box" format, as shown in the following figure:

6, in the text box format, the line color set to "white", set the point to determine the button, after setting the effect chart as follows:

7, so far, the entire operation of the end of the steps. Below, I have many years ago I used word this method to make a briefing for everyone to see, I hope the master do not shoot bricks, heavy communication!


In this operation, the simplest and most tedious part is to adjust the text and pictures reasonably. At the beginning of the time, it is estimated that the sense of adjustment is less in mind, but after my years of experience, when you practice a few times later, some text to take to determine the layout, basic to all the text have a general feeling, will soon be completed.

When you select a text box, be sure to press the CTRL key while you select it, which can reduce the workload, and of course it is the basic skill for people who often use word. If the novice, the most troublesome, the big deal is one of the settings, the effect of the same.

This demo is to provide you with a train of thought, knowledge content is not high, but the practicality is relatively strong. In our everyday practical word, if we want to place the text of the picture at will, we can put the text or picture in the text box, or we can put it in the frame, so that we don't worry about adding new content, which is going to be a problem with the change. Everyone carefully pondering, once the most simple knowledge with proficiency, so many difficult work will be solved!

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