How to make a personalized template with WPS

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We are now no matter what to pursue individuality, is to have their own personal characteristics, whether the work or life, there are characteristics of people or things will be remembered, and flat light seems to be the flow, no characteristics.

WPS templates generally contain the basic framework, format, easy to use later, to avoid the trouble of the reset operation. If the current template on the Web does not meet your needs, then after reading this article, you can make your own definition of the template.

Operation Steps

1, open the WPS text, click on the file-page settings, according to my usual habit, set the margins and binding lines, readers can set according to their own preferences.

Click on the file--page Setup

2, then click Format-paragraph, adjust the leading line indent 2 characters, so beautiful some.

Click Format--Paragraph

3, in order to facilitate the understanding of readers, I am in the WPS text inserted in the picture, to facilitate a better demonstration.

Insert Picture

4, after the picture inserted, and then according to their own needs to add some frame, press F12, Save as WPS template file (*.WPT) format, click Save.

Add frame

5, open just the document saved folder, the original template normal.wpt for backup, and then the new template renamed to NORMAL.WPT can be. This creates a new WPS text with the template set on it.


To have a WPS personalized template, according to the above small part of the teaching steps to do it, as long as you want to be different, want to have their own style, then the small series of this introduction is absolutely in line with your!

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