How to make a PowerPoint2010 picture more informative when making slides

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If we insert the picture background of the slide and the overall style of the slide is not uniform, it will affect the effect of the slide playback, then we can adjust the picture to remove the background on the picture. For example, the camera background in this example will affect the effect of the presentation document, and at this point we should remove the background from the picture.

Removing picture backgrounds is typically done using a professional image editing tool such as PS, and now with PowerPoint 2010, we can easily do it in a presentation. First in the image editing interface click the "Delete Background" button, into the "image editing" interface, we see the need to remove the background of the image in a rectangular box, by moving the rectangular box to adjust the image to retain the area. When you leave the area selection, click the Keep Changes button so that the background in the image is automatically deleted.

Tip: The "Remove background" feature provided by PowerPoint 2010 is just a goofy background removal feature, with no color editing and tuning capabilities, so too complex picture backgrounds cannot be removed at once.

  Screen picture cropping

When making presentations, we often need to crawl some pictures on the desktop, such as program window, movie screen, etc., before we need to install an image interception tool to complete. Now it's okay to add a screenshot in PowerPoint 2010 so that you can easily intercept and import desktop pictures.

Action, first open the presentation in PowerPoint 2010 that you want to insert a picture and switch to the Insert menu, click the Screenshot button in the menu, and pop up a drop-down menu where we can see all the open window thumbnails on the screen.

Click one of the window thumbnails to take a screenshot of the window and insert it automatically into the document. If you want to intercept some picture of the desktop, here we can click on the Drop-down Menu "screen Clipping" button, then the PowerPoint 2010 document window will be automatically minimized, when the mouse into a "+" word, drag the mouse on the screen can be a manual screenshot.

After the screenshot, although we can use it directly in the demo document, if we want to cut off part of the picture for the sake of the final effect, for example, we just show a tool in the demo document. At this point, you can quickly crop the extra parts of the picture in PowerPoint 2010. Click the Picture Tools screen, click Crop under the Crop Drop-down menu, and then we can see that the edge of the picture is selected, and drag any border with the mouse to crop the unwanted parts of the picture.

The clipping function in PowerPoint 2010 is very powerful, and in addition to cutting directly on the picture, we can also use the crop-aspect ratio to crop the picture according to the proportion of the image provided by the system. In addition, PowerPoint 2010 also provides shape clipping, clicking the Drop-down menu button under the Crop button to open multiple shape lists, where you can select a graphic style so that the picture is automatically cropped to that shape.

 Add art effects to make pictures more personal

If we add a picture to a slide, the uniform size of the document always makes people feel mean and not personality, and will not attract the attention of customers. In fact, PowerPoint 2010 adds a lot of art styles and layouts so that we can easily create a personalized picture.

First you click the art effects Drop-down list under the Picture Tools menu, and you can apply different artistic effects to your pictures in the open list of art effects to make them look more like sketches, line drawings, chalk sketches, drawings, or paintings. Then click Picture Styles to select a type in the list of styles so that we can add a style effect to the current photo.

In addition, we can also according to the needs of the photo color, picture borders, picture layout, and other items set, so that users easily make a personalized picture effect.

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