How to make a responsive website with H5-based response station system

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Responsive website has become the first choice for enterprises to build stations, what is the cause of it? I think more because of the powerful display of responsive web site, multi-element, diversified, multi-functional form, so that the site "live" up, there is a site can adapt to all screen equipment, no longer need to make a specific version of the device for each different equipment, eliminating the construction station, optimization, management of the trouble. Allows you to better co-ordinate the management of a website, you can get the same effect on different device platforms.

Speaking of responsive websites, many people will wonder. So good type of website, the cost of building up is not very high? Is the construction time very long? Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! In fact, if the earlier to do a responsive site is to spend high development costs, the need for a longer time to build. But now using the H5 responsive station system to build responsive web sites, can save these worries.

The use of H5 response to build station system, do not need to worry about not understand the code, do not know the technology, do not understand the operation. Because the H5 response station system appears to enable everyone to build a self-help station. Its charm is the ability to make it easy for both the great God and the small white to make responsive websites. Here is a brief talk about how to use the H5 response to build a station system to do responsive web site.

H5 response Type Station system construction Station process:

Template settings > Basic information > Site columns > Edit content > Publishing site > Promotion site

1. Select a suitable adaptive template, after installation will automatically enter the site editing page, see the content and presented there is no big difference.

2. On the basis of the template site to modify, the prepared copy, picture one by one, and drag and drop the module to adjust the layout.

3. optimize the details of the website module, such as font size, color, image display scale, etc.

4. for each page of the site to set the Optimization keyword, convenient site collection, the site can be quickly found in search engines after you.

5. Preview the site effect, check the computer, tablet, mobile site between the occurrence of typographical disorders, timely adjustment.

6. Upload and publish website, wait for search engine to collect.

Whether it is a personal building station or the establishment of the enterprise station, the response to build the site to enrich the website, the site interface has become more concise, the perfect solution to the combination of multimedia elements of use, do not need to worry about access is not smooth. Responsive design is the trend of Internet development in the future, will be more and more good.

How to make a responsive web site using the H5 responsive station system

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