How to make a website look tall and more design-like?

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A lot of students care about this problem, today's Chen Xi _chrischen summed up the four-point super practical advice, attached to the relevant tutorials, to help beginners quickly create a high sense of design, learn

Just to understand how the visual level is better, of course, a site is not only visual, the final result is the perfect combination of multiple factors.

Let people feel "tall", the first design needs to have a certain impact, then this problem can also be understood as how to produce such impact.

One: Follow the "simple, ordinary"

Many people will mistakenly think that the site to use a lot of special effects, should not use a large number of animation, animation should not be exaggerated (such as the slide in the blinds this animation), follow the simple movement of objects and the actual operation of the feedback to do the animation, there should be some time not to jump.

Similarly, follow a simple and effective layout, use the details to change your site, through the layout of paragraphs, font selection, graphics and text interspersed details such as the way to enhance the aesthetic.

PS: Remember there is a saying "not afraid of no taste of the people, afraid of the people do not taste the heart"

Two: willing to leave White

The design needs to be full but not excessive to leave white, leave the person with extravagant feeling. The page is inch gold, not very necessary, do not put it stuffed too full. In addition, the white can be better to highlight the main body, in particular circumstances, the right to leave the white can also produce a different meaning.

Three: Change, that is, contrast

All things because of the change of the rich aesthetic, the art of calligraphy can be very good interpretation of the problem, size, thickness, weight, wet the contrast of the United States so that simple words become attractive.

For the site is the same, only the contrast of the font can produce a lot of beauty, the use of font changes in typesetting, but also a direct and effective way.

 Four: High-quality pictures

Pictures are the most effective way to render the atmosphere, and the way the pictures stack the text is a very tricky approach. A high quality picture itself has enough beauty to lift the force.

If you do not believe that there is a little bit more, the legendary "black and white noise pressure characters, high-end atmospheric grade", simply grasp the essence of the whole.

Simple and ordinary layout, rich white, loud contrast, even the picture in black and white + noise after the treatment also become atmosphere up. Ah ~ ~ What is the design can not save it?

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