How to make a website? What do I need to build a website?

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Whether you build a station or a personal station, no matter what your purpose is to set up the site, presumably everyone cares about is the price and quality, then will appear to build the site how much money and what station system good two big problems, of course, spend less money to build a good quality website is to build station friends of the biggest wish. Before solving these two problems, we should first understand the whole process of building the station and what needs to build the station, then let the ten years of experience in the site construction of the anti-Nick Station company for you to answer.

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Build Station Process

for the establishment of the site, the registration of domain names, purchase space, the selection process is the three main elements of the site, the lack of any of the elements of the website can not be accessed normally. Of course, in addition to these, but also need domain name resolution, site program upload installation and other operations.

1, register the domain name. The first step to do is to register a domain name that meets your site needs, after all, the domain name is the website number, is also a website on the network of a business card, so choose a good remember, has the meaning of a good domain name is very necessary, can be very good to establish their own website brand image.

2, purchase space. space is used to store Web pages, databases and other data. There are many kinds of website space, VPS, virtual host, independent server, and so on, the individual stationmaster chooses the virtual host on the line, satisfies both the demand and reduces the cost. In addition, the virtual host simply through the graphical operation interface simple management can, and VPS and standalone server also need a certain technology, not suitable for novice webmaster.

3, select the program. Nowadays there are many kinds of website programs, choose which one depends on what type of website you want to build, such as WordPress blog program, weaving Dream CMS management system, Shopex Mall procedures and so on, build station friends do not neglect this piece of choice Oh, Because the selection process is a very important part of website construction, of course, you can also independently develop the website program, online also has a lot of ready-made.

what does it take to build a station?

from the above construction process, we can clearly understand the domain name, space, program is necessary for us to build a website. Of course, some station friends may also use the Enterprise Post Office, CDN Services, website design costs and so on, these are not necessary, but need to charge. And some friends ask, I will write the program or I have a program to put in space? The answer must be yes.

How much does it cost to build a website?

above we understand the construction station needs, for the building station friend door Most care about the price problem, this time can be very good to be solved, that is a domain name, a space and a set of Web site production system costs. Of course, the website production system can also use self-help to build station system.

What building station system is good?

Commercial Construction Station system:This kind of construction station system mainly for enterprise user development, including enterprise website, recruitment website, local portal, real estate home site and so on, the cost is very expensive, but the use of this type of station system at least security has protection, the site can be done according to customer requirements, will not be like free templates, being abused, Make people have visual fatigue. Commercial web site also has shortcomings, that is expensive, everything is on the money to talk, if you are local tyrants, OK, when I did not say!

self-built station system:This kind of system is aimed at the small and medium-sized enterprise research and development, the fool type constructs the station way, will the typing will build the station, the operation convenience is strong. The disadvantage is that there are few functions and a single template. However, like the research and development of the enterprise self-Help station system upgrade system, build station box support thousands of beautiful all-industry enterprise Templates, support the production of PC Station + Mobile station + micro-website + mobile phone app Enterprise website, online mall, online orders, not only can the whole network marketing, but also to micro-marketing, very good. If the user to build a station cost less investment, may wish to try, the cost is basically between 300 yuan-1000 yuan, and give away the virtual host and the main domain name. Trial Address:Http://

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Well, the above is today's small series for everyone to introduce the cost of building a website and a good construction station system, if you are still trouble to build a station, you can try to build station box self-help station. This article is from the source of anti-Nick, reproduced please specify the source of the article:

How to make a website? What do I need to build a website?

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