How to make film-tail subtitle animation with PPT

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The production method is as follows:

1, set the background color of the master is black.

2, Draw 6 arbitrary curve, the color of the curve is set to gray.

3, add animation to the curve, first add "Enter-gradient" animation, the starting mode is set to "before", the speed set to "0.1" seconds, and then add the "exit-disappear" animation, the startup mode is set to "after". Each curve is added this way.

4, copy two times just added the 6 curves, drag them to a different position.

5. Make a black rectangle and put it on the top. The color is filled with a black gradient fill, the opacity is set to "0%--100%", and the rectangle is copied, placed at the bottom of the slide, and flipped vertically.

6, add the text to be displayed. Animate the text, and the action path is up. Right-click on the added animation to select the effect option. No longer tick "smooth end" and "Smooth start". Set the action speed to 10 seconds.

Click on the show, you can see the caption scroll up, and gradually appear, to the middle of the slide as the brightest effect. Keep scrolling up, and the text will fade away until it disappears.

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