How to make postcards with color shadow

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Now, when it comes to childhood memories, we all think of it as a variety of cartoons. Today, small knitting to share with you to create a postcard tutorial, will be all kinds of cartoons into which, a good memory of childhood!

Making Postcards of Color shadow

Let's start together to make it, rest assured that the steps are very simple, color shadow itself has been very human!

1. First start the software "Color Shadow", click on the menu bar "Photo file" main menu, in the pop-up menu click "New Collage Artboard", or press the shortcut key "CTRL + N", set tile artboard size, background color, transparency, as shown in Figure 2.

Making Postcards of Color shadow

2. Open a selected background, because color shadow support multiple windows at the same time editing, so can be very convenient and flexible to open the background directly with the left mouse button dragged onto the collage board, easy to save trouble! As shown in Figure 3.

3. Select the background four corner of the circle node, drag size to fit the size of the tile artboard, you can hold down the keyboard "Shift" while pulling the node can be proportional scaling, so as to avoid background distortion, as shown in Figure 4.

Making Postcards of Color shadow

4. The background is good, we use the color shadow to open all the childhood toys, games, snacks, watched the animation, television and other photos, the method is in the color of the Open Picture dialog box, a one-time selection of all photos can be. Then use the above background-like method, using the mouse to drag the open photos directly to the artboard, as shown in Figure 5.

After all the photos have been dragged and dropped, some of them overlap, in exchange for ordinary entry level software, to select the hidden in the back of the photos or adjust the sequence of the upper and lower order is quite troublesome and time-consuming, do not have to confuse, color Shadow has helped us think of this, as shown in Figure 5 to the right, the software provides professional-level software to have layer management Through the layer list of layers bar, you can quickly find the photos you need through the thumbnail image, click to select them automatically. You can even select the thumbnail and press the left mouse button up and down drag to determine the image of the occlusion before and after the order. With these humanized functions, our creation is very convenient!

Making Postcards of Color shadow

5. Using the convenience of the layer bar, we can also achieve more editing function of each layer, very flexible and practical. For example, in order to make a picture more like a small picture, we first adjust the size of the photos, and then use the layer bar "stroke" and "shadow" function, set the appropriate parameters, such as Figure 6, so that the picture is more three-dimensional, more like a small picture. You can also click on the top of the small photos of the circle node, so that small photos rotate a certain angle, looks more like a casual display. Use the above introduction of the mouse and drag the top and bottom of the list of thumbnails, we can also easily make each small photo reasonable dislocation superposition and so on.

6. Finally, click the right mouse button in the picture editing area, select "Blend all layers" in the pop-up menu, as shown in Figure 7, combine all the layers into a picture, which will be more conducive to the overall editing of the following. Because everyone's childhood is not cheap, so next I will use more skills to build more to make us resonate with the advanced effect!

Making Postcards of Color shadow

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