How to make SECURECRT display Linux colors and use SECURECRT to transfer files

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One, SECURECRT set color and display Chinese

To set the Options->sessionoptions->emulation, and then change the terminal type to ANSI or Linux or xterm, you must hook the ANSI colour.

Font settings: Options->sessionoptions->appearance->font then change to the font you want.


1: Character Set selection UTF8, this can avoid displaying Chinese characters garbled

2: Select the font, you need to choose Ture Type font (such as new Arial), or it will appear garbled characters

3:scrollback buffer is larger (5000) so you can see the contents of the previous display so that it is much easier

4:terminal to choose Xtem, so you ssh to the server to display the color, and the ANSI color ticked

5: I choose the color scheme for windows or traditional.

Second, using SECURECRT (Linux) to upload and download data

Set the default directory for uploads and downloads.

Options–>session options–>file transfer can be set to upload and download the directory

The rest of you just log in to the Linux terminal with SECURECRT:

Send file to Windows client: SZ file1 file2

Zmodem receive can start on its own.

Upload files from client to Linux server:

As long as the service side executes: RZ (rz-y)

Then select the file to send in SecureCRT, protocol Zmodem

Simply, if you've been using SSH before, and you haven't opened the FTP service, you're going to use this method to transfer your files directly.

SECURECRT's Help in copy:

ZModem is a Full-duplex file transfer protocol that supports fast data transfer rates and effective error detection. ZModem is very user friendly, allowing either the sending or receiving party to initiate a file transfer. ZModem supports multiple file ("batch") transfers, and allows the use of wildcards when specifying filenames. ZModem also supports resuming most prior ZModem file transfer attempts.

Rz,sz is the command-line tool that Linux/unix Zmodem file transfer with Windows

Ps:linux on the Rz/sz these two gadgets installed lrzsz-x.x.xx.rpm, UNIX can be compiled by the source code, Solaris spac to sunfreeware download execution code

How to make SECURECRT display Linux colors and use SECURECRT to transfer files

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