How to make websites generate and increase traffic

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How to make websites generate and increase traffic

Many of my friends wrote to me and asked me that he opened a store online, but the effect was not satisfactory. Even though they sell well on the Internet and the price is competitive, if no one or few people visit your online store, it will be difficult for your online store to succeed. So the key to opening an online store is how to make your website generate traffic. There are hundreds of ways for websites to generate traffic. I cannot give them one by one in this article.

To save readers time, I will only list a few effective methods I have tried. The "effective" principle follows the following principles:

Simple, easy to understand and implement;

Leverage can be used to generate huge returns with a small effort. With the characteristics of viral marketing, your product information can spread and spread like viruses.

Policy 1: publish a "viral" e-book

The world's most famous authority in this field is Tom Hua, Australian Chinese, and my network marketing mentor. He did this:

First, he wrote an e-book about the relevant content. There may not be many pages in the book, and the content is absolutely valuable. Then, he put some content-related links in some places in the book. These links will bring the customer to his entertainment network ( and bring traffic to his website. Next, he sends these e-books for free or allows others to download them for free. The person who has downloaded these books has the right to send them for free.

Then, he asked the people who distributed his e-books to change some links in the book. After reading this book, the readers bought his products and those who distributed the books could get some kickbacks. In this way, his readers are enthusiastic about releasing his valuable ebook for him. E-books may spread like viruses. The click rate of the website is greatly increased.

Policy 2: enable search engines to bring traffic to your website

It is very complicated to learn how to make your website rank in search engines. I will also write an article to introduce this content. Making an advertisement for PPC (Pay Per Click) in the search engine is the fastest and possibly the most expensive marketing method for product websites. A better strategy is to use PPC to bring traffic at the early stage of your website, and then integrate it with other aspects I mentioned earlier to achieve better results.

Another method is to use google to enter your keywords, find the 20 companies on the front homepage, form a cooperation alliance with them, or give them your e-books for free distribution. Of course, your e-books must be as good as they have enough reason to distribute your books. Please note that when you want to seek cooperation with others, you must first consider the interests of the other party, not yours. Otherwise, your cooperation plan will be difficult to succeed!

Policy 3: associate with influential individuals and organizations

Many people shop online, just like fishing in the sea. When you are lucky, you may be able to catch one or two times a day. If you are not lucky, you cannot catch one whole day. Stop waiting! You should learn to spread the network to a place with fish like fishermen! A quick way to build your customer base is to find a business cooperation that can bring a win-win situation. Find a partner who has a large group of customers interested in your products. The key to this method is "win-win ". Some may have tried this method, but unfortunately it fails. I want to analyze why they fail. When looking for cooperation with others, many people often focus on what benefits I will get in this cooperation. I suggest you focus on your partners and ask yourself the following question: "What do they need? What benefits can I bring to him ?". You should spend more time understanding the other party, understanding what the other party needs, and proposing a cooperation opportunity that will give the other party a strong interest. I hope you can remember what the other party wants first so that you can get what you want from him.

Policy 4: Make your customers your sales team

Making others sell your products is a powerful method developed in the market. It is the best online marketing method for your customers to promote your products.

To do so, you must provide the best products and services at the very beginning, so that your customers can enjoy the product experience and truly satisfied. In this way, your customers will naturally recommend your products to their friends to bring new customers. This is our reputation. On this basis, if you think further, "How to give your customers more value and make them willing to promote your products ?". Tell the customer about your joining plan and let them know how easy it is to make money to promote your product. A good online franchise promotion plan can make your customer base roll bigger and bigger like a snowball.

There are many other ways to increase website traffic. For example, you can post an article in a forum, use an electronic signature, and send free gifts with your website. You can try it all. The five policies listed here are the fastest and most effective methods I think. Different websites and individuals may have different results. You should select one or two methods that are most effective to you, practice them, and learn to improve. You should try your best to leverage your preferred strategy to achieve twice the result with half the effort. Remember, viral marketing is the most effective marketing method in network marketing. I hope this article will bring you some new ideas on how to improve your website traffic. Your online store will bring you wealth in the new year.

Policy 5: publish your article in a publication

Publishers, newspapers, and magazines all need articles. If you have good articles, they will be willing to publish them in their publications. Here, you have to ask yourself again, what do they need? Instead of thinking about how to keep my text in their newspapers and magazines. Publishing your articles in a newspaper is certainly not an easy task, but it may bring a huge return. I think this lesson deserves your efforts. The key is that your article must provide very distinctive content and never try to promote your product in your article. Your article needs to improve the information and play a role in educating readers. Of course, at the end of your article, you can add links to some websites, and tell readers how to learn more about the website. If you do not write an article, you can also find someone to work. You can even spend money to find experts in this field to write articles for you. You can find various experts in admin5 to serve you. You can find someone to complete the e-books and so on.

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