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Spent 248 pieces of ocean, I upgraded my computer's Windows7 to WINDOWS8. But then, with IE10 browser browsing a Web page, the screen appears "object does not support the ' selectnodes ' property or method," the hint, but also on the Web page to show that there are many garbled (Figure 1). What the hell is going on here? It turns out that the site is not fully developed according to the new standards, and that their web pages and IE10 have compatibility issues. For such a Web page, there may be problems such as online banking plug-ins not working properly, and some elements on the Web page, such as pictures, are not displayed intact. Don't worry, though, because the compatibility view provided by IE10 can solve these problems.

One, temporary use Compatibility view

The Compatibility View button appears to the right of the search button on the Address bar when the page is not displayed correctly in the IE10, and the graphic is a torn piece of paper. At this point, just click the button and the page will appear normal.

Ii. permanent use of the compatibility view

The above method only solves the compatibility problem temporarily, if you want to be able to display the webpage content normally when browsing the website later, please do the following in IE10:

1. Log on to a Web site with compatibility issues.

2. Click the Tools button, and then click to check Compatibility View (Figure 2).

From now on, whenever you visit this site, this site will appear in the Compatibility View and will display correctly.

Three, once and for all set compatibility view

If it feels like finding an incompatible site and eliminating one, which is a bit too much trouble, the following methods allow IE10 to display all pages in Compatibility View at once:

1. On the Tools menu, click Compatibility View Settings. If the menu bar does not appear, press the ALT key first.

2. Select the Show all Web sites in Compatibility View check box (Figure 3). In addition, Microsoft regularly IE10 incompatible Web sites to the list, so check the "download updated compatibility List from Microsoft", the browser will automatically apply Compatibility view mode when accessing these sites, and check "show intranet sites in Compatibility View", When you access all the internal Web sites, you open the Web page with Compatibility View.

3. Click the Close button.

The compatibility View enables Web sites designed specifically for older browsers to be more aesthetically pleasing, and problems such as menu, image or text placement are corrected. Of course, not all Web site display problems are caused by browser incompatibility. Broken Internet connections, too large traffic, or Web site errors can also affect how your Web pages are displayed.

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