How to make images appear in Baidu snapshots

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How to display images in Baidu snapshots

Baidu Snapshot

I. Let's talk about the basic information of images in Baidu snapshots:

Pictures displayed in Baidu snapshots

  1. Snapshot image size: Px in width and PX in height;
  2. Snapshot image width ratio: because the ratio of 121 to 75 cannot be further reduced, the ratio of 121 to 120 is now rounded to. In this case, the aspect ratio is 5: 8;
  3. Snapshot image type: There is a tag, with a link, click to directly enter the website;
Ii. Let's talk about the picture on our site:

Baidu image Snapshot

  1. Image Size: The height is 250px, and the width is 670px;
  2. Examples of image aspect ratio: close to, there is still a gap between the ratio of images in the snapshot and;
  3. Position of the image, slide rotation on the column page, top of the page;
  4. Image type, IMG label call, add link; image has ALT label;
Iii. Time to reveal the answer

After reading the real data above, you may still be confused by the two monks. I don't know why. Now I will give you a detailed explanation.

Without investigation, there is no right to speak. Similarly, if the investigation is not universal, there is no right to speak. To thoroughly figure out why images appear in Baidu snapshots, Zhengzhou website optimization specially ordered dozens of websites with image snapshots and industry sites with high weights, there are also non-weighted enterprise sites and some forums that have found some commonalities:

  1. Image Size: larger than the image in the snapshot;
  2. For example, the aspect ratio of an image is different from that of the image in the snapshot, but the difference is not great;
  3. Image Type: All images are imported using the IMG label;
  4. The role of an image is mainly divided into two standards. One is used as a link and usually appears on the home page and directory page. One is included in the content to explain and improve the content quality. It mainly appears on the content page, just likeZhengzhou website OptimizationThis is the main role of the station image. In short, they are all useful images related to content.
4. Let's sort out our ideas and make a summary:

Now we know the conditions that must be met to make images appear in Baidu snapshots.

1. The image size must be greater than the image size in the snapshot:This is easy to understand, because the size of a large compressed small image is clearer than that of a small image. To ensure the readability of the image, the images smaller than the snapshot image size will not be indexed. You may find that the size of images on some pages is smaller than the size of images in snapshots, such as images in snapshots.

Images in snapshots

I believe that you can see with the naked eye that the image in the snapshot is obviously larger than the image in the content, but why is it still included? Don't worry. Don't be fooled by your own eyes. You can click the image to see the actual size of the original image (). Spider can follow the path of the image to obtain the actual information of the image, without being spoofed by the code that limits the image display size.

Actual Image Size

2. images must be related to the website content:The two functions of images have been discussed above. One is to link images, and the other is to explain the content, which is used to display the content in images and texts to improve the quality of the content. To sum up, "It must be useful ". Images that are irrelevant to the content are not captured.

3. About images ...... No:As long as the above two images are met, they will be captured in the Baidu snapshot, which is so simple.

4. Simply put, the order of capture is as follows:This is actually nothing to say. It is the same as the order in which Baidu spider crawls web pages. From top to bottom, from left to right, if the H1 tag is encountered, it will be crawled first, if an H2 tag is captured first, because it is captured by a spider, the grabbing order is the same as that of a spider. If you still don't understand what the H1 label is and what the H2 label is, and what impact it has on website optimization, please read this article:How to use the website H tag!

5. Some unreliable interpretations on the Internet:
  1. There are many unreliable interpretations of this phenomenon circulating on the Internet. The least reliable argument is that sites with high weights will be captured. This is obvious nonsense. As long as you observe several sites, you will find that this function is not cheap.
  2. The ALT tag must be added to the image: This is also unreliable. I have read the source code of several sites and there is no alt tag in it, the third image in the example above does not add the alt tag to an image.
  3. The image must strictly abide by the 121 * 75px ratio: the image of my slide obviously does not match this ratio and is not captured yet. Therefore, this is also a false statement.
  4. It must conform to the order of Baidu crawlers: This can't be said to be unreliable, but it can barely be said, but it cannot be understood in this way. It should be understood that it must be "useful" and be related to the website content.

Okay, it's over. If you think that Zhengzhou is not doing anything wrong or missing, leave a message to point out.

How to make images appear in Baidu snapshots

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