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Today in compiling PHP fileinfo This module, the memory space of less than 1G error, and then check the memory size with free-m , a look and less than 150M


1, our company all uses is Aliyun the ECS instance, this is our use environment

2, the way to compile the PHP module see my blog (and compile memcache and other modules are the same method)

Swap production process:

1, create a large 2G file

[root@iz23hh6yk41z www]# dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/www/swapfile bs=1m count=2048

2. Format into swap

[root@iz23hh6yk41z www]# mkswap/home/www/swapfile

Setting up Swapspace version 1, size = 2097148 KiB

No label, uuid=7073e823-8f8c-476a-90c2-414383f15457


[root@iz23hh6yk41z www]# file Swapfile

Swapfile:linux/i386 swap file (new style), version 1 (4K pages), size 524287 pages, no label, uuid=7073e823-8f8c-476a-90c 2-414383f15457

3, open swap

[root@iz23hh6yk41z www]# swapon/home/www/swapfile

Swapon:/home/www/swapfile:insecure permissions 0644, 0600 suggested.

4. Mount

4.1 [root@iz23hh6yk41z www]# echo "uuid=7073e823-8f8c-476a-90c2-414383f15457 swap defaults 0 0" >>/etc/fs tab

Note: It is best to select the UUID when mounting, which is the unique identification of the device

4.2 Ways to view device UUID:

[root@iz23hh6yk41z ~]# blkid/home/www/swapfile

/home/www/swapfile:uuid= "7073e823-8f8c-476a-90c2-414383f15457" type= "swap"

4.3 Put the mounted equipment into effect immediately

[root@iz23hh6yk41z www]# mount-a

5, recompile php FileInfo module

Compiling methods See my blog:

To see if the module compiles successfully:/usr/local/php/bin/php-m | grep FileInfo

6, view the memory situation

[root@iz23hh6yk41z ~]# free-m

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