How to make the electronic seal of WPS text

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Create a new document, select the shape subcommand in the Insert command, as shown in the following illustration:

Select the circle of Basic Shapes in shapes , as shown in the following illustration:

When you draw a circle, be sure to hold down the SHIFT key, or the circle you draw will become oval.

After the circle is finished, move the mouse over the circle, click the right mouse button, and choose Set Object Format , as shown in the following figure:

Go to the Set Object Format window and set the circle by the parameters in the diagram.

The set of good circles is shown in the following figure.

Next, click WordArt in the Insert command, and select the art font you want to insert, as shown in the following illustration:

When you enter the appropriate text, move the mouse over the art font , click and select Surround to set the wrapping style of the WordArt. The WordArt wrapping style is "floating above the text."

Note that it is a good idea to set the color of the WordArt when you enter the WordArt.

When you select WordArt, adjust the WordArt to the appropriate radian, as shown in the following illustration:

Click [Insert]-[shape] on the menu bar, select the pentagram, as shown in the following figure:

Select the pentagram, click the right mouse button, choose Set Object Format, and in the Format Object dialog box, set it as shown in figure two below.

The official seal is basically complete, but I still have one last step, because now the font and shape is separate, at this time can still be the font and shape to move, so we also want to combine the WordArt, shape, so that they form a whole, so that when moving in the form of a seal as a whole move.

Enter the view command in the menu bar and select task pane. After you enter the task pane, select all the objects you want to combine as shown in the following illustration.

Hold down SHIFT to select all the objects, right-click, and click the Group command in the right-click menu bar, as shown in the following illustration:

After the combination, the WordArt, the shape has become a whole, you can rest assured to move.

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