How to make three-dimensional word?

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Effect Chart:

Operation Process:

1. Use the new command of the File menu to create an RGB file with a white background and a 12x6cm size.

2. Use the Text tool to enter the word "three-word" in the image and select the Faux italic item in the Type Tool dialog box to make the font a bit oblique.

3. Press the CTRL key and click the text layer in the Layers panel to select the text to form a text selection.

4. Click the Delete button on the layers panel to delete the text layer. You should make sure that the selection is still in this case. Then click the New button on the layers panel to create a new layer layer 1.

5. Select the linear Gradient tool in the Toolbox and double-click to open its Options panel and select the Copper option in the gradient Drop-down list.

6. Drag from left to right in the image to fill the gradient color horizontally.

7. Press the Alt+ctrl+↑ key combination to move the image within the copied selection.

8. Then use the linear gradient tool to drag from top to bottom in the image, again fill the gradient color, the options panel settings unchanged.

9. Press the CTRL+L key combination to open the Levels dialog box, adjust the image tone, the parameters are set as shown in the following figure. You can adjust the parameters yourself to get a satisfactory result.

10. Press the CTRL+D key combination to cancel the selection, merge the layer, complete the three-dimensional word production.

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