How to make Win7 system copy large files more stable and reliable

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Win7 in the process of copying large files, believe that many friends have encountered a sudden collapse of the system, this situation will always let a lot of people out in a cold sweat, especially when the program shows "not Responding", that is a little remedial method is not, so in order to prevent this happening, we should do some work in advance, You can skillfully avoid the system crashing.

1, before copying files, first close the file thumbnail.

Under the Win7 system, open a folder, locate folders and search options in the "Organize" button in the upper-left corner of the folder, and click the Enter window. Switch to the View tab, and at the Advanced settings, check the "Always show icon, never show thumbnails" to successfully close the thumbnail.

2, add the shortcut to the "Start" menu, and then the Start menu just added shortcuts to delete, and then operate your file copy action, or paste action.

Create Tencent QQ shortcuts to the Start menu, and then remove the shortcut from the Start menu in Tencent QQ.

In both of these ways, we can successfully avoid the problem of system crashes when Win7 copy files. Of course, small knitting here also want to particularly remind everyone, in copying large files, we try to wait patiently, do not in the process of duplication of other system operations, so it is easy to cause the program crashes, the entire screen all the case of the card dead.

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