How to make your notebook's screen brighter

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There is a light in the notebook to provide the brightness of the screen, but a lot of users often respond to the notebook's screen is getting darker, so easy to affect the user's eyesight, through the following methods to solve the problem of screen dimming.

Cause of failure

1, the tube is disconnected (generally normal use of the computer will not be burned because of high voltage or disconnect the lamp, the main reason for the tube disconnect is: The computer fell to the underground lamp hit serious)

2, the high-pressure package does not supply electricity to the tube (the motherboard has 3-4 sets of voltage to the high-pressure package, the high-pressure package after the chip pressure-swing to the lamp, the chip aging or the current too high to the chip burned without electricity output)

3, the motherboard does not supply to the high pressure pack (the motherboard has 3-4 sets of voltage to the high-pressure package, the motherboard has 2 sets of chip output voltage to the High-voltage plate, the chip aging or the current too high to the chip burn out the power output)

4, power scheme, or monitor setup problem

5, connector disconnect (the motherboard and high pressure packs have a connection between the next, a long time to move the LCD cable disconnected, resulting in no main power supply to the high-pressure package)

The above 5 points are caused by the main point of the screen is dark, the top 4 appeared more, the 5th chance of appearing less, because the connection line is a special shielding line is covered with so and less connector disconnection phenomenon. For professional maintenance personnel testing every process is essential. The following is a special example that I found during the testing process.

Attached: Case Study

A symptom of a dim notebook screen

Customers understand that in the evening when using the computer to sleep after the boot screen again a dark

Basic fault detection for notebook screen Dim

In this case, the first thing to do is the external PC monitor to see if you can access windows external to the normal display. This step is important to determine if there are other problems with hardware and software that are well observed. When you are sure that the system is correct, the author (preferably please professional notebook repair master to check, it is best not to take apart) then open the display, will see the high pressure of dangerous board (high voltage) This is the High-voltage plate, the high-voltage plate insulation after removal we can find the entire high-pressure plate structure, The motherboard has 4 wires and high pressure board, then, the High-voltage plate through the chip distribution voltage to the coil, the coil voltage boost supply lamp light.

The specific inspection and overhaul of the dim of the Notebook screen

1, the author first replaced by replacing the lamp test tube is broken, the high pressure board of the lamp interface from the high pressure plate removed, put on a prepared lamp on the power-on however no reflection, excluding the lamp.

2, the author again test whether the motherboard has more than 3-4 sets of voltage to the High-voltage board, connect the motherboard to the high voltage board to remove the test voltage using a multimeter (in general, if the maintenance company has the same type of high-pressure plate can be replaced by replacing the high pressure plate test, but I do not recommend that you do so, If the problem is the motherboard caused by the screen is dark, the good high pressure plate can be put on a good high pressure plate also burned, so in the process of testing the best is the overall voltage test good no problem can be a good high pressure plate replacement)

3. There are two holes in the top of the host, and only the hard objects can be easily pulled out, we can see the motherboard and the high Pressure board connection port, we continue to use the Multimeter test connection position power supply is normal, strange things happened at this time, the motherboard even the interface voltage is normal, how to the other end of the voltage is gone.

4, then the author of the cover screen axis of the cap removed to see the position of the turn of the line has been rolled into a group, the initial suspicion is due to a long time to swing the screen so that the product line disconnected. We removed the connector from the motherboard to measure whether the two ends are connected.

5. We can see that the shield line is cracked when we remove the connecting line. The shielding line has been opened to find that there are 3 lines have been disconnected, the author found that even the wiring has been welded, and now again the reason for the disconnect may be because of the frequent screen rotation and the connection line break, or the previous welding time did not lengthen the connection line shielding is not good, so often struck to break the connector.

6, the problem is found after the author to find 3 lines to the broken part of the extension of the welding, with the shielding line of the line are packed back in situ boot, the tube shows finally normal.

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