How to manually add/remove WINDOWS7/XP services

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Windows xp/vista/windows 7, but Windows 8 Preview is temporarily unable to test through.

First, install Windows services manually
1, use the. NET Framwork tool InstallUtil
The tool version is related to the version of the. NET Framework installed by the current system (path is c:/windows/, or it may be 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and can be used.

For example: c:/windows/

Execute under the cmd command line:

InstallUtil.exe "C:/Program Files/mypro/test.exe"

To delete a service command:

Installutil.exe-u "C:/Program Files/mypro/test.exe"

2. Create service with SC command
The command format is as follows

SC create [service name] [binpath=] <option1> <option2>

Like what:

SC create newservicename binpath= "C:/Program Files/mypro/test.exe"

Create a service named Newservicename for Test.exe.

Ii. manual removal of Windows services
The most common method is to use the SC command, the file in C:/windows/system32/sc.exe, the current SC command, in addition to testing the forced deletion of the running service on Windows 8 will cause the reboot (possibly because it is the preview version), There is no problem with other versions of Windows.

Use the following methods:

1, run cmd command line
Click on the Start menu in the lower left corner, enter CMD in the "Search programs and Files" text box, and then right mouse button to admin

2. Perform SC delete delete command
Enter Delete Service command

SC Delete ServiceName

Where the servicename represents the service name that needs to be removed, and if the service name contains spaces, the servicename must be enclosed in double quotes.

Perform as shown:

[SC] DeleteService success

The following figure:

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