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I often see that some people have mastered Java, but it may be difficult for them to use Java to build a practical project. Here, based on my own understanding, the author boldly puts forward some standards for mastering java. Of course, for beginners, I can also provide a reference on what needs to be learned. In addition, this standard is limited to j2se, and the content of J2EE has time to be mentioned.
1. Syntax: You must be familiar with the syntax. Code When the IDE editor reports an error for a line, it should be able to know the syntax error based on the error message and know any correction.
2. commands: You must be familiar with some common commands in JDK and their common options. You must be familiar with the commands at least: appletviewer, htmlconverter, jar, Java, javac, javadoc, javap, javaw, native2ascii, and serialver. If you have not used all these commands, you are not familiar with Java.
3. Tools: You must be familiar with at least one IDE development tool, such as Eclipse, netbeans, JBuilder, jdeveloper, idea, jcreator, or workshop, this includes project management, setting common options, installing and configuring plug-ins, and debugging.
4. API: the core API of Java is very huge, but some content I think must be familiar with. Otherwise, it is impossible to skillfully use Java, including:
1) flexible use of more than 80% of class functions under the java. lang package.
2) flexible use of more than 80% of classes under the java. util package, especially the collection class system, rule expressions, zip, and time, random number, attributes, resources, and timer.
3) Use of more than 60% of classes in the Java. Io package, understand the design ideas of the IO System Based on the pipeline model, and the features and usage of common Io classes.
4) Java. Math package 100% content.
5) more than 60% of the content in the package is familiar with the functions of each class.
6) more than 60% of the content in the Java. Text package, especially for various formatting classes.
7) Skilled in using JDBC.
8) Java. Security package contains more than 40% of the content. If there is no access to security, it is impossible to master Java.
9) basic content of AWT, including various component events, listeners, layout manager, common components, and printing.
10). The basic content of swing is similar to that of AWT.
11) XML processing. Familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of sax, Dom, and JDOM, and can use one of them to complete XML parsing and content processing.
5. Testing: You must be familiar with the use of JUnit to write test cases to complete Automatic Code testing.
6. Management: You must be familiar with common tasks of using ant to complete project management, such as project compilation, javadoc generation, Jar generation, version control, and automatic testing.
7. troubleshooting: You can quickly locate the cause and approximate location of the problem based on the exception information.
8. Idea: you must master the main requirements of OOP, so that the system developed using Java can be a real Java System.
9. Specification: the written code must comply with popular coding specifications, such as the first letter of a class name, the first letter of a Member or method name, and the first word of a method name is generally a verb, the package name must be in lowercase. Program Is easier to read.
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