How to measure the video card temperature

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The video card temperature is somewhat normal.

Graphics cards are generally the largest hardware in the computer hardware, and notebook graphics cooling problem should be more serious than the notebook CPU, the general situation is the temperature of the graphics card in 30℃-80℃ is normal, due to external temperature reasons, the summer graphics card temperature Most of the 50℃-85℃ between the normal range, Especially in high-end independent graphics, play the game when the temperature rises, notebook graphics card heat-resistant temperature is 120 degrees, warning temperature is 90 degrees, usually think to 80 degrees is normal, full load should be around 85 degrees, if the higher is not normal, may need to strengthen the heat dissipation, or dust removal.

How to test the normal temperature of the graphics card, the temperature of how much normal

How much is the video card temperature normal? This is the concern of everyone. But the naked eye is difficult to identify, "Jinshan Guardian 3.0" can be quickly detected.

1. First download Jinshan Guardian, open the Guardian main interface "Reload system" label,

2. Then switch to the "Hardware detection" function, automatically help you detect the current computer hardware device details and current hardware device current temperature is how much, when your video card temperature reaches the dangerous value, the temperature digital color will become more and more red.

Graphics card temperature calorific value is not only related to heat dissipation, but also more important is the graphics card itself, the better the higher the high-end graphics card general heat higher, generally high-end independent graphics cards are relatively large calorific value, the logarithmic friend feedback computer graphics card temperature on average 60 ℃ or higher.

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