How to merge hard disk partitions

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The merge partition feature is also a practical function to visually visualize complex operations, just as allocating free space. When you use it to enlarge a particular disk, it actually performs the operations of partitioning, expansion, and so on. Maybe you're struggling to get it out. An unallocated space, but you don't know how to use it to expand partitions or to spend more time, then you can use the merge feature to merge them into any disk you want to enlarge (if on the same hard drive). Another feature of the merge partition is that you can merge two contiguous disks directly. The advantage is that, without changing the data in the adjacent two disks, the two small partitions are merged into a large partition to make full use of the remaining space. Detailed steps are given below.

(Another: Cutting the partition method)

Merge partition action Case 1: Merge unallocated space into one partition

1. Download the free section Assistant, install and run. As shown in Figure 1: You can see that the C disk is about 29GB in size, there are two unallocated spaces on disk 1 (unallocated), and now take two unallocated space into C disk for example:

Figure 1

2. Select C, click the right mouse button to select "Merge Partition" or select "Merge Partition" in side bar partition operation, as shown in Figure 2 below:

Figure 2

3. In the pop-up window, as shown in Figure 3, check the unallocated space you want to merge, and when you have more than one unallocated space, you can select multiple at the same time, then click OK and return to the main interface:

Figure 3

4. Submit the above operation, click the "Submit" button in the toolbar, click "Execute" in the pop-up window, as shown in Figure 4. It may take a while to execute, depending on the amount of data in the partition. This requires you to wait patiently, please do not force the termination of the program:

Figure 4

Merge partition action Case 2: Merge two existing adjacent partitions

1, as Figure 5 combines D and E, the previous steps are the same. D and E are merged into D disk (note: After merging under D disk will create a e-drive folder, e-disk data will be moved here), check the D, E, in the lower right corner to select merge to D:

Figure 5

2, the final confirmation of the operation you want to perform, then click the "Submit" button on the toolbar, click "Execute" in the pop-up window, restart the computer during the operation, and click "Yes" in the pop-up window to allow the program to complete the operation waiting for execution in the restart mode, as shown in Figure 6. It may take a while to execute, depending on the amount of data in the partition. This requires you to wait patiently, please do not force the termination of the program.

Figure 6

3, sometimes do not have to reboot, however, the current operation of the partition on the program is running, click "Execute" will pop up as shown in Figure 7 of the Prompt dialog box window, prompting the shutdown is running on this section of the program, click "Retry", you can close the currently running program, to avoid restarting:

Figure 7

Section Assistant This update provides more intuitive functionality and makes the operation easier. If you want to enlarge the C disk, but the current disk does not have unallocated space, you can use the allocation of free space function to quickly expand the system partition, detailed steps see "How to allocate free space to other partitions" this article.


1, zoning software recommended installation in the C disk.

2, the Win7 system partition before the boot partition can not be merged.

3, for each partition to operate before the best disk check (CHKDSK), if wrong, please fix the error first, then open the software to perform the action.

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