How to modify Remote Desktop Connection 3389 port

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As we all know, the default port for Windows Remote Terminal Services is 3389. The intruder usually scans the host open port first, and once it discovers that it has opened 3389 ports, it will invade the next step, so we just need to modify the default port to avoid the eyes and ears of most intruders. But many friends due to modify the port method error, so that they can not remotely operate the server, causing themselves trouble. Here, I will give you a brief discussion of the correct way to modify the remote port.

Step One: Modify the server-side port (Registry has 2 needs to be modified)

1. Click Start---Run, enter at run: regedit, after opening the registry, click to enter the following path: [hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\control\ Terminal Server\wds\rdpwd\tds\tcp] See the PortNumber value on the right, its default value is 3389, select Decimal, change to the port you want (the range is 1024 to 65535, and cannot conflict, otherwise you will not be able to start the system next time.) ), such as 4000, see:

2. Open the registry in turn and enter the following path:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\winstations\rdp-tcp], Find the value of PortNumber on the right (the default is 3389), choose Decimal, change to the port you want (the range is 1024 to 65535, and also can not conflict), such as 4000, it is important to note that the two modified port number to be consistent. The operation is as follows:

Note that this time the port will be the same as the last modified port.

Step Two: Client Connection Method

Both of the above have been modified, please restart the system, then you can use the system comes with the Remote Connection tool remote connection operation,
The system comes with the remote Connection tool open method: Xp/2003 under the runtime input: "mstsc" can be, or in the beginning-Program (All programs)-attachment, found Remote Desktop Connection.
The format of the connection is:IP: The modified port , which is followed by the colon and the port number after the IP. such as: The image is as follows: You can also use the Remote Desktop Connection tool to generate a remote connection file for the XX.RDP (xx represents the generated name). :
Then use Notepad to open the generated xx.rdp file. After the last row is found, add a row at the end of server port:i: 4000. In this way, the next time you connect, you can use the Remote Desktop Connection to open XX.RDP, or right-click XX.RDP in the pop-up drop-down box to select [Connect].

How to modify Remote Desktop Connection 3389 port

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