How to modify the DPI setting for the login interface of the win 8 system

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The beginning: With the development of display technology, the resolution of the screen is constantly improving, 1920x1080 resolution of the display also began to become a general equipment!

However, the default DPI for Windows is still 96DPI, which is bad for viewing text below a high-resolution monitor; many friends have already tuned the DPI manually, but like me, you may be wondering about the DPI setting of the Login interface: Why is the default 96DPI? In Windows Vista, the DPI setting, like the resolution setting, is a global setting, and all users, including the DPI at the login interface, will be set to the value you want. Starting with Win 7, the DPI setting has changed and the settings are valid only for the current user.

Here's how to modify the DPI settings for the login interface

1, adjust your current user's DPI settings to make it look right for your screen 2, open Registry Editor, navigate to Hkey_current_usercontrol paneldesktop, find the DWORD value logpixels, and copy the values ( In my case this value is hexadecimal 78).

2, positioning to HKEY_USERS. DefaultControl Paneldesktop, create a new DWORD value, named Logpixels, to assign the Logpixels value of the current user you copied (for example, Mine is 78).

3. At this point, the DPI setting of the login interface is complete.

The DPI settings for other users can also be changed, as follows:

1, in the registry search Logpixels, all the key value is not less than 60 of the Logpixels value to your current user values (in my case, I need to change them to 78). This makes it possible for new users to use the specified DPI instead of a different setting.

2. What do I do if I don't want to use it? You can restore the default 96DPI by changing the Logpixels key value of all keys in the registry to 60, which is not less than 60.

Conclusion: The above settings also apply to Windows Server, Windows Server 2008 R2, Win 7. You can try yourself manually Oh!

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