How to modify the Oracle 11G password after the expiration of 180 days, oracle11g

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How to modify the Oracle 11G password after the expiration of 180 days, oracle11g

Due to the new features of Oracle11G, often encounter the use of sqlplus login oracle Database prompts "ORA-28002: 7 days after the password will expire" and so on. The default password expiration limit when creating a user in Oracle 11G is 180 days, if the user password is not modified more than 180 days, the user cannot log on, the prompt "ORA-28001: the password has expired"

After the password expires, an exception occurs when the business process connects to the database, which will inevitably affect the use and login.

Liberation method:

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1. Check the user password's validity period settings (generally the DEFAULT configuration file is DEFAULT)

SQL> SELECT * FROM dba_profiles WHERE profile = 'default' AND resource_name = 'password _ LIFE_TIME'

2. Change the password validity period from the default 180 days to "unlimited". After the change, you do not need to restart the database and the password will take effect immediately.


3. Change the account password again

SQL> alter user ink identified by <original password> ---- No new password required

4. Log On with the modified User, if "ORA-28000: User locked" is reported, unlock

SQL> alter user db_user account unlock;

SQL> commit;

How Does oracle 11g change the password of a user and never expire?

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In the oracle environment, a user's password is forgotten and the user has expired. How can I use the original password to handle user expiration problems?

Before 10 Gb, you can log on with an authorized user, query the ciphertext of the user's password, and change the password with the ciphertext:
Query the ciphertext of the User Password

Select password from dba_users where username = '<USER1> ';
Modify the password again:
Alter user USER1 identified by value 'ciphertext ';

To avoid password expiration, you must first know what the user's profile is and then change the profile attributes.
Query a user's profile
Select profile from dba_users where username = '<USER1> ';
Modify attributes of this profile
Alter profile <user profile> LIMIT PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME UNLIMITED;

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