How to modify the IP address, change the IP address method

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How to modify the IP address method (this article refers to the method of modifying the IP address, only for LAN IP (static IP), dynamic IP is DHCP automatically allocated, can not be changed);

In the local area network computer may encounter the network management limited bandwidth, restricted browsing, and so on, these operations are usually implemented for IP address, want to get rid of the restrictions need to change the IP address, then how to repair the IP address change?

Right-click on "Network Neighborhood"--> Select "Properties"--> right click on "Local Connection"--> Select "Properties"--> in the pop-up local connection properties, double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) to eject the Internet Protocol ( TCP/IP) properties, change the IP address in the local area network by changing the last value in the IP address checkbox below;

  Next, explain what the check boxes here are:

Automatically obtain IP address (O): After selecting this, each boot system will be automatically assigned to a dynamic IP address from the DHCP server, this address is the public IP address, that is, the local computer in the WAN address information;

Use the following IP address (S): Select this, you need a series of IP address configuration, mainly used to configure the LAN IP address;

IP address (i): The IP address of the local computer in the LAN, the IP address must be within the range allowed by the default gateway, for example, the default gateway (router) only considers legal between fields, then IP address (i) Only within this field, this article describes the modification of IP address refers to the modification of the serial LAN IP address of the last number, it can be 1~255 between the arbitrary changes, but at any time the last field can not exceed 255;

Subnet Mask (U): Used to declare which fields belong to the public network bit identity, which fields belong to the local area network bit identity, the default is; To explain, the first three 255 represents the bit identity in the public net, and the three fields are only within 255 values, And the last 0 indicates the bit identity in the local area network, and the local area network ID can only be within 255 values;

Default Gateway (D): The IP address of the local Area network server (the IP address of the router), usually the default IP address for the LAN server (router) is or;

Automatically obtain DNS server address (B): As with automatic IP address selection, each boot DHCP server assigns a suitable DNS resolution server IP address to the computer;

Use the following DNS server address (E): You can manually add a local DNS server resolution address, but you can use the router without setting, directly empty, because the router usually has the ability to automatically assign the DHCP server to open the router each time, The DHCP server assigns a suitable DNS resolution address to the router, which is stored in the router;

Preferred DNS Server (P): Manually set the default DNS server resolution address, which is used to request an IP address to be assigned to the DNS server each time the computer is powered on;

Alternate DNS server (A): The alternate DNS server resolves the address manually, and once the preferred DNS server is unable to assign an IP address, an allocation request is made to the standby DNS server;

Finally click OK to modify the IP address, IP address changes after the need to restart the computer;

Summary: How to modify the IP address, change the IP address, how to modify the IP network problem is not difficult, by modifying the IP address can be in a certain field of IP address could not use certain functions, such as the Internet, chat QQ, limited access to a number of sites and so on.

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