How to modify the router LAN port IP address method

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Now most brands or non-branded wired or wireless routers, Its LAN port address generally uses or network segment, the use of this default address, is not safe, and sometimes not practical, such as the number of computers in the local area network is too high, more than 255 units, then this class C address is not suitable, then we need to change the router LAN port address to other private network address, the following author on this Question that teaches you how to modify the router LAN port IP address method.

1, the local computer IP address set to automatically obtain.

2, open IE Browser, in the Address bar to enter or, in the pop-up username and password box to enter the default value, that is, admin/admin.

3, after entering the router settings interface, click on the left menu bar network parameters LAN port settings, as shown in the following figure:

4, on the right LAN port to set the interface, the IP address to their own required address segments, such as, subnet mask

5, after the completion of the modification, click Save, generally at this time the router prompts whether to restart, click "Yes" can be.

6, the above 5 steps only for the router settings, if you want to log on to the router web interface, use is not able to log in, but should be the local computer IP address segment set to paragraphs can.

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