How to modify time date in Linux

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Time to modify Linux can use the date directive

Date Modified:
The order of the time set to May 10, 2009 is as follows:
#date-S 05/10/2009

Modification Time:
The command to set the system time to 10:18 A.M. 0 seconds is as follows.
#date-S 10:18:00

To modify the time zone:
Locate the appropriate time zone file/usr/share/zoneinfo/asia/shanghai replace the current/etc/localtime.
Modify the contents of the/etc/sysconfig/clock file as:
Zone= "Asia/shanghai"

Sync BIOS Time:
Synchronize the BIOS clock and force the system time to be written to the CMOS command as follows:

The function of the date command is to display and set the system date and time.
Enter date to view the current system time.

Modify time requires date-Functional character modified content

The meanings of each of the options in the command are:
-D datestr,--date DATESTR displays the date described by datestr
-S Datestr,--set datestr Set the date of the DATESTR description
-U,--universal display or set Universal Time

Time Domain
%H hours (00). )
%I Hours (01.. )
%k hours (0). )
%l hours (1). )
%M points (00.. ()
%p Show am or PM
%r Time (Hh:mm:ss am or PM), 12 hours
%s from January 1, 1970 00:00:00 to the number of seconds currently experienced
%s seconds (00). ()
%T Time (24-hour system) (HH:MM:SS)
%x shows the format of Time (%h:%m:%s)
%Z time zone Date field
%a the abbreviation for the day of the week (Sun. Sat)
%A The full name of the week (Sunday. Saturday)
%b month abbreviation (Jan. DEC)
Full name of%B month (January. December)
%c Date and time (Mon Nov 8 14:12:46 CST 1999)
%d one months of the day (01). )
%d Date (MM/DD/YY)
%h and%b options are the same
%j The first day of the year (001. 366)
%m Month (01). )
%w Day of the week one (0 for Sunday)
%W The first few weeks of the year (00. 53, Monday for first day)
%x format for displaying dates (MM/DD/YY)
the last two digits of the%y year (1999 is the total)
%Y Year (ex: 1970,1996, etc.)

In particular, only the superuser can set the time with the date command, and the average user can only display the time with the date command.

Example 1: Displays the time in the specified format.
$ Date ' +this date ' is =>%x, time was now =>%x, thank! '
This date is =>11/12/99, and time is now =>17:53:01,thank!
Example 2: Displays the current time in a predetermined format.
# Date
Fri Nov 15:20:18 CST 1999
Example 3: Set time is 14:36 P.M..
# date-s 14:36:00
Fri Nov 14:15:00 CST 1999
Example 4: Set time is November 28, 1999.
# date-s 991128
Sun Nov 00:00:00 CST 1999

Example: Setting time Wei August 8, 2008 12:00
# date-s "2008-08-08 12:00:00"

After modifying, remember to enter: Clock-w
Write system time to CMOS

How to modify time date in Linux

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