How to open a micro-shop tutorial to share

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To the users of micro-credit software to detailed analysis to share the opening of the micro-shop tutorial.
Tutorial Sharing:
Pre-open Shop preparation work:
1, a micro-letter account, can be a personal number or public number
2, there is no source can be, if you can apply for suppliers, no can also do brand distribution.
The steps are as follows:
The first step, in the micro-letter on the shop is generally through the registration of micro-letter shop to achieve. Registered micro-Letter Shop basically no conditions, login Micro Shop, the use of mobile phone number can be completed registration.

The second step, the use of registered account login store management, set up shop basic information, such as shop name, customer service micro-letter, etc., can also be a brief introduction to the shop.

The third step, if there is a need for the shop to carry out the necessary decoration, the general can use the default shop template, if there is demand, you can also design personalized shop.

The fourth step, upload goods, can also be imported from other shops, mobile phone micro-letter can show limited goods, so the goods are not expensive, generally 8 to 10 is enough.

The fifth step, the product is good, you can share to friends, or to share the circle of friends

Well, the above information is a small series to the micro-letter of this software users brought to the detailed opening of the micro-shop tutorials to share the full content of the You see the users here, small knitting believe you now that is very clear the way to open a shop, then you are still waiting for what, Go to the small series of the above tutorial to open their own micro-shop bar.

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