How to open an Excel file of office07/10 in a separate window

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The safer method is to open the Excel program again from the Start menu, and then use "file-open" in the new Excel program to open the file. Then a new excel.exe process is opened. (You can also click the Excel program icon on the taskbar to open a new program)

Excel2010 \ 2007 opened a file in a window to save memory. However, if your machine has a lot of memory and you want to change it once and for all, you can consider the following method.

Use the shortcut key "Win + R" to bring up the run command box, type regedit.exe, and press enter to open the registry editor.

(If the user account control window is displayed, allow it to continue)

Tip: serious problems may occur if the registry is improperly modified. Therefore, make sure that you perform these steps carefully. To increase protection, modify the backup registry.

Go to The Registry key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Excel. Sheet.12 \ shell \ Open

Right-click and select "export ". Before the modification, we should back up the data.

After the backup is completed, you can make bold modifications.

1. Modify the value of Open \ command.

Expand "Open \ command" in the detail window on the right:

Double-click "default" and change its key value to "C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ Office14 \ EXCEL. EXE" % 1"

(If you are using Office 2007, change Office 14 to Office 12. In addition, do not lose quotation marks)

Then, double-click command, move the cursor to the end of the numeric data, replace/dde with "% 1"

(If Office 2007 is used, replace/e with "% 1)

2. Rename Open \ ddeexec.

Select "ddeexec", right-click, and select "rename ". Get a new name for it, such as "ddeexec2 ".

Use the same method to back up and modify HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Excel. Sheet.8 \ shell \ Open.

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