How to open an xml file

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The original XML file can be viewed using IE5.0 (or a later version) or Netscape6. However, if you want to display the XML file as a web page, you must add additional display information. You can use IE 5.0 (or a later version) or Netscape 6 to view the original XML file. However, if you want to display the XML file as a web page, you must add additional display information.


View XML files
We can use IE5.0 (or a later version) to browse XML documents. You can click a hyperlink, enter a URL in the address bar of the browser, or double-click the XML document in the folder. If you use IE to open the XML document and find that the browser uses the root element and child element of the XML document with a color, there is a "+" number on the left of the XML element, click "+" to expand the next level structure of the element. if there is a "-" number on the left of the element, you can also click the "-" number, collect the next level structure of this element. if you want to view the source file of the XML document, you can right-click the source file and choose View source file ".

We can also use Netscape 6 to open the XML document, or right-click and select "View Source File". when you open the XML document with Netscape 6, the browser displays the root element and child element with color code.

Let's look at an XML file: note. xml

Note: do not expect XML documents to be formatted as HTML files.


Browse unqualified XML documents
If you open an incorrect XML document in IE, the browser reports an error.

Other examples
Browsing some XML documents can help you find the feeling of learning XML.


A simple XML document does not contain information about how to display data.

Since XML tags are created and invented by the authors of XML documents, we cannot know

Without any additional information, ie usually displays XML data in a tree view.

In the following Pass section, we will describe some solutions to XML document display problems, including CSS, XSL, JavaScript, and XML data Islands.

The preceding section describes how to open an xml file. For more information, see other related articles in the first PHP community!

Indicates whether a table in HTML is a wooden table.

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