How to open root in Ubuntu, how to enable the root account in Ubuntu

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How does Ubuntu enable the root account? The root account of Ubuntu has the highest system privileges, it is similar to the Administrator account in Windows system, but higher than the Administrator account in Windows system, generally do not use the root account, but sometimes you want to use the root account, Here is a small part to teach you how to open the root account

This experience shows:

This proposal for small series is only suitable for 10.10 versions of the Ubuntu system, followed by 11.04, 11.10 ... 14.04 system because the default desktop is different, so this experience is not applicable, to use, then please install the GNOME desktop

    1. Click "Applications" in the System menu bar, then click on the attachment, then select "Terminal" in the Open Attachments submenu.

    2. After clicking on the terminal, open the Terminal tool as shown, and all the operations we have to do are done in this window.

    3. In fact, the root account is there, just need us to set a password, and then use the root user name login, and then enter the corresponding password to the root user login, so open the root account, is actually to the root user to set a password process, Here we will set the password for root, in addition to note that only the security Ubuntu system created when the user account to enable the root account,

      Use the following command to set the password for the root account:

      sudo passwd root

      After executing the above command, you will be prompted to enter the current user's password

    4. After confirming that our password is correct, we will prompt "Enter new UNIX password", this is the prompt to set the password, enter the password we want to set, note that when the password is set to see no characters, only we notice

    5. Enter the password and hit enter, then prompt us to confirm the password again, enter the confirmation password, and then press ENTER ENTER key

    6. Password setting is successful, so that the root user will be opened, and later we want to use the root account as long as the use of the relevant switch command can be, how to switch to the root account of the command please see small series of another experience sharing

How to open root in Ubuntu, how to enable the root account in Ubuntu

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