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As we all know, local sites, in addition to comprehensive platform and local forum. A place or a city's talent network and real Estate network is the most fire. However, due to local talent sites in general, in addition to the Personnel Bureau of the Talent network is strong, there are a variety of large sites of the substation. To Foshan Talent Network For example, the first three in one is the personnel Bureau, there is a wisdom of the network of Foshan substation. So want to run a Foshan talent network how to break through it? I think SEO is one of the very good ways to search engine optimization.

But when it comes to optimization, in addition to our meeting, I think a lot of people will, this time will have the head of the Secretary of the thought, yes, this article is to tell you how to use the long tail keyword to break through a talent site.

As the talent network without enterprise and information the two The Wei Web site information flow, and the two messages, it is best to dig long tail.

1, the Enterprise name optimization

Operators have been operating the webmaster should know that our traffic statistics, many are search business name came to our site. Since the long tail word can come to our site through the long name of the enterprise, then we start from this point. The general talent site, there is an enterprise detailed page, that is, let people understand this enterprise, many people are in the title of the page put the name of the enterprise, and then the keyword keyword. What's more, in the description of the description also put a single business name, personally think, this approach is very wrong. Title, keyword put enterprise name is nothing, personally think description empty can, that is, do not description this label. Because search engine when you do not have description this label, will automatically intercept certain content from your content as the description label content. Also, the structure of the page, preferably about the structure, the left is the company's profile, right is a number of relevant information, such as the company's position, or related companies and related to the introduction of the company's network coverage articles. Because search engine spider is to index our page from left to right way. In the left side of the block, we also do not forget to put the company name in the form of H1 tag placed, told the search engine spiders, the company name is a whole. At the same time, under the name of the enterprise introduction, if the name of the company, then must use strong to mark good. After doing so, a company name for the long tail Word page on the basic layout of the good. Imagine, if there are 1W enterprises, there are 1W a lot of job seekers like to search the long tail word. How does the flow of worry not come?

2, the Job title optimization

Now that there is a business, this enterprise is bound to have a job release. But the position of such a word is too broad, such as programmers, we search in Baidu, many are large stations or Baidu open platform, we have to do ranking is very difficult. In other words, such words are not long tails at all. So how to optimize the job page? The personal point of view is to make a long tail with the name of the city plus the title of the job. For example, position page title Positioning Foshan Programmer Recruitment, so that others, whether it is to search Foshan programmers or Foshan procedures such as the recruitment of such words, it is likely to be able to search our page. This is defined as the Long tail section, the page Layout section, or the Enterprise Name page layout. The most important thing, then, is to take information from other companies recruiting programmers, such as programmers, PHP programmers, below the position. can also put some computer network-related enterprises, such as Foshan Refinement Network Limited, Foshan refinement network technology companies. This depends on the ability of your talent network program. One of the key points is to form this job page with information related to programs, networks, languages, and so on.

3, the optimization of information

This information does not refer to those who teach us how to apply or how to recruit articles, the best information in the long tail, the optimization is those local personnel recruitment, civil service examinations, job fairs and so on information. For example, the local public institution recruitment, such as Foshan Director manager of the public institutions to recruit, then he must have a notice of the release, such announcements we often can go to the Personnel Bureau of the site to replicate, but not simply copied to the way of information published on the case. We can also use this information in the early stage of information and follow-up reports as a thrust, for example, now is 2012 years, we can put the entire content of 2011 cleverly layout to this page, such as the 2011 test questions, 2011 recruited people and so on. At the same time can also be the recruitment of this year's process, location, and then admission of the report, all used to layout this 2012 public institutions recruitment. As long as the content is organized well, the long tail of this information can be said to bring us endless flow. Perhaps 2013 years, others directly to our station to find such information, and not to the site of the Personnel Bureau. This is the effect of content aggregation in optimization.

The above three points, are for some very long content in the form of long tail layout to optimize. In fact, the core of optimization is to organize good content, the content is good, naturally become a strong competitiveness of the long tail. And talent Network is a very easy to dig long tail word of the site type.

The content may be a bit confusing and hopefully it will help. The article source Foshan talent Net reprint retains the copyright information, promotes the soft cultural culture to develop harmoniously.

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