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Currently, it is difficult to optimize the new website targeting Baidu, but I have been insisting that I did not give up. I recently made a website and the domain name is relatively new. It seems that this domain name will be able to perform well on Baidu. However, I have been very frustrated with the recent optimization targeting Baidu. It is really uncomfortable to have traffic without Baidu, but will I give up my cps without Baidu? The answer is No. Without Baidu

After talking about so many practical issues, how should we optimize the new station? Now we only discuss google and temporarily abandon baidu.

For new sites, google's ranking is always good in the early stage. But don't be happy too early. Because the ranking of new websites on google is only a temporary two-day period. Don't worry. At this time, we need stable and high-quality links. What is a high-quality link? Google is highly pr, with fewer export links, and old domain names are high-quality links. stick to high-quality links, but never rush. Otherwise, the google sandbox will be finished. be sure to stick to the stable and high-quality links. The speed cannot be too fast and stable. You will soon be able to see your website rankings on google. I believe many webmasters have feelings about this. google does respond quickly to the high quality reverse, and the ranking will change according to your link quality. This ranking changes rapidly, not just a few days after it is updated like Baidu. Sticking to the link is not far from success. I always insist on updating my website. Although google also includes the collected content, if the quality of the article is higher, I believe google will like it more and have a higher impression on you. You have taken another step towards success. Sticking to high-quality links and updating will be far from success.

For Baidu's optimization, I have no right to speak now, because I am not doing well now, and there have been no successful cases or hopes. Not many

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