How to partition a hard disk

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Hard disk boxed, inserted in the computer USB interface, the computer normally recognized to move the hard drive, but because the new hard disk is not partitioned, in the "My Computer" is not see the letter. Below the 40G removable hard disk partition to tell how the hard drive partitions.

1. The operating system is best windowsxp,win2000 can also (basic and XP like), 98, ME is no such zoning method. Right-click My Computer on the desktop and choose Manage.

2. In the Open Computer Management window, select Disk Management.

3. New disk will jump out of the "Initialization Disk" window, the disk 1 before the small box check to confirm the completion of the line.

4. At this point we can see a 37.25G "Disk 1" (unassigned), that is, a hard drive that has not been partitioned.

5. Here we introduce the concept of disk partitioning, which includes primary partition, extended partition, and logical partition. Right-click on the unassigned disk map and select New partition.

6. Out of the Disk Partition Wizard, next.

7. The first step is to divide the primary partition. Next.

8. How large the primary partition (that is, the first partition of the mobile hard disk), this can be arbitrarily specified, if you are only ready to 40G hard disk partition, then the whole capacity designated as the main disk partitions. We are prepared to divide the two districts, the first one is about half 19000 of the total. Next

9. This step does not need to be changed directly to the next step on the line (have encountered someone in this select the second item does not assign a drive letter, the result area is divided, that is, in my computer can not see the letter, also point to think that the mobile hard drive has problems)

10. Format This step, you can choose FAT32 or NTFS format partition, but if you choose Ntfs,win98 and WinME computer is not supported, you will not see the mobile hard drive; If you have a zone larger than 32G, you can only choose NTFS format. To complete partitioning as soon as possible, it is recommended that you select "Perform a quick format", otherwise you will have to wait a long time. Next step

11. Determine completion.

12. is being formatted. If your computer USB is USB2.0 and the format is quickly formatted in the previous step, formatting is done quickly, and if you are not supporting older computers with USB2.0 or not choosing a quick format, here's a longer time.

13. After the format of the primary disk partition is complete, the remainder is now divided. Right-click New disk partition on the remaining black bar.

14. Primary partitions have just been divided, the remaining capacity should be extended partition. Next

15. There is no need to change the capacity, because in addition to the primary partition that has been divided, the rest should be fully extended (no matter how many). The next step is to complete (the extended partition is not formatted).

16. We see that the extended partition becomes the green note, and in the extended partition we divide the logical partitions. Right-click on the extended partition to select new logical drive.

17. Only logical drives are selected here. You want to divide the capacity of the extended partition into several logical partitions, repeat this step to build several logical drives on the line. The next step is to format the same as the basic disk partition described earlier.

18. The logical drive is a blue-colored note, this 40G mobile hard drive is divided into two areas after the appearance. This allows you to open "My Computer" to see the letter, a copy of something to try it.

This completes the partition of the removable hard disk.

Another method:

In the redo system, put the mobile hard disk, and then delete the partition, in the new partition, and the computer's hard drive!

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