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Although the computer update speed is very fast, but still have just contacted the computer novice to ask a variety of questions, in which the hard disk partition is most rookie frequently encountered common problems. A partition is a part of a hard disk that is built as a separate storage area, divided into primary and extended partitions. The primary partition is used to hold the boot record of the operating system (in the first sector of the primary partition) and the operating system files, and the extended partition is typically used to store data and applications. Then the author first introduced some of the parameters that may be encountered before the partition interpretation.

First, the internal structure of hard disk detailed

We install the operating system on the new hard drive first to partition and format before it can be installed. In this process, it is usually the problem of which file system to use. The choice of file system determines to some extent the performance that the operating system can perform.

Partition format: FAT, FAT32, NTFS

When a file occupies disk space, the base unit is not a byte but a cluster. The size of the cluster is related to disk specifications, in general, the number of slices per cluster of the hard disk may be 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 ... Typically three file systems are used under the Windows platform for fat (file partition tables), FAT32 (32-bit file partition tables), and NTFS (NT file system).

The FAT maximum partition capacity is 2GB. Under the FAT file system, each disk is divided into a fixed sized cluster. The cluster is at least 512 bytes, and its size can grow exponentially, with a maximum of 32K. Each cluster is identified by a unique index number. Because the maximum number of 16-bit binaries is 65536, the FAT partition cannot have more than 65,536 clusters, which is why fat partitions cannot exceed 2GB.

The maximum partition capacity of FAT32 is 32GB. The FAT32 file is almost the same as fat, but it has a smaller cluster, and because the FAT32 entry is 32 bits, its capacity can theoretically exceed 4 billion bytes.

The maximum partition size for NTFS is up to 2TB. NTFS is a fairly advanced file system. Because NTFS uses a smaller cluster, it can manage disk space more efficiently. It is a unique file system architecture for Windows NT, built on protecting file and directory data while focusing on saving storage resources and reducing disk footprint.

For today's users, it is wise to choose NTFS as the partitioning format, because today's hard disk capacity is exponentially higher than it used to be, and the mainstream capacity is basically up to 320GB, and the NTFS file system is a highly secure file system with stronger stability.

Capacity partition of hard disk

The following are the specific requirements for hard disk partitioning. For today's large-capacity hard disk, the 4-5-zone is relatively reasonable. The C disk is the system disk and has different capacity settings for users of different systems.

The above two pictures are the author's two different operating system disk capacity display screenshot, of which C disk in addition to system files also include daily Office software and anti-virus software and so on applications. As can be seen from the diagram, users using Vista system will have to set the C disk capacity in the 30GB is more appropriate, and XP only need 10GB or so is very abundant.

For D, E, F and so on are based on their own preferences for capacity division, but the basic principle is not too big difference. Said so much, the following author for two of the most common zoning software for everyone to explain how to partition the hard disk.

Second, the hard disk partition: For hard disk partitions, actually very easy. In a DOS environment, FDISK, and so on partitioning tools are popular, but the speed of the format of the hard drive is not flattering. The following author recommended the software are often used in our daily, they are Windows XP installation disk and Ghost XP installation disk, because the general partition will be installed after the system, so this zoning tool is more common. First we describe how the XP Setup disk is partitioned.

After the CD drive is set as the startup item, the installation disk is booted into the first image below and the hard drive capacity is shown in the space that is not divided. Then press the C key to choose to create a primary partition, is used to install the disk partition of the system, then appear the second picture, the author chose to set the C disk to 10GB, so fill in the blanks in 10000, and then press ENTER to continue.

Then back to the main interface, you can see the C disk partition has been established, then we will move the cursor again to the unpartitioned space, continue to press the C key to create logical partitions, the author chose to create a 30GB disk partition, fill in the blanks 30000, enter finished. And so on until the last partition is divided.

For those who like the ghost system, there is no need to worry that the ghost system disk also has a partition tool to use. which DM partition tool is one of the

If you use the DM partitioning tool, you can only select FATA32 system format, and then click Yes to enter.

Then select option (C). Here, select option (c), the light Band to option (c) Define your own option, press ENTER, the dialog box appears showing the maximum partition capacity of the current hard disk, you can change, press ENTER for each value.

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