How to perform the daily maintenance of the computer motherboard

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Computer motherboard maintenance of the main should be to do is dust and moisture, CPU, memory, display card and other important components are inserted in the motherboard, if too much dust, it is possible to make the main board and the components of poor contact, resulting in such an unknown fault, to your work and entertainment brought great trouble; If the environment is too humid, the motherboard is prone to deformation and poor contact and other failures, affecting your normal use. In addition, in the assembly of computers, fixed motherboard screws do not tighten too tightly, each screw should use the same strength, if screwed too tightly, it is easy to make the motherboard deformation.

Generally do not open the chassis, we are not very able to contact it, I met the most is some people do not know the situation or for the sake of convenience, often in the case of the boot of the mouse keyboard PS/2 interface directly unplug or plug in, in fact, this is very dangerous, light interface is broken (for another dozens of dollars), Heavy-related chips or circuit boards burned down. On ordinary computers, only USB ports and IEEE 1394 FireWire interfaces are commonly used to support hot-swappable (which can be plugged in without a host). In addition, the plug-and-unplug interface should be pulled out parallel to prevent physical deformation of the interface.

Today's computer motherboards are mostly four-layer board, six-layer board, the use of components and wiring are very sophisticated, dust in the motherboard accumulated too much, will absorb the water in the air, when the dust will present a certain conductivity, may be the motherboard of different signals connected or resistor, capacitance short-circuit, Causes the host to be unstable or not to start due to signal transmission errors or operating point changes. We encountered in the actual computer use of the host frequently crashes, restart, can not find the keyboard mouse, boot alarm, etc. most of the situation is due to the accumulation of a large number of dust on the motherboard, as long as cleaning the chassis dust after the failure of self-healing is the reason.

Motherboard to the CPU, memory, etc. to provide power is a large and small capacitance, the most afraid of high temperature, the temperature is too high can easily cause the breakdown of capacitance and the impact of normal use. In many cases, the electrolytic capacitor on the motherboard bubble or leakage, the loss of capacity is not due to product quality problems, but because the motherboard work environment too poor. General bubble, leakage, capacitance of the loss of most are in the periphery of the CPU, memory side, the AGP slot next to, this is because the above several parts are computer in the heat of the large, in the long-time high-temperature baking, aluminum electrolytic capacitor may occur in the above fault.

Knowing the above, you will have to consciously choose a spacious, airy chassis when you buy a machine. In addition, regular boot box dust is also an essential work, generally with a brush gently brush the dust on the motherboard. Due to some cards on the motherboard, chip in the form of pins, often because the lead oxidation and poor contact, you can use the eraser to remove the surface oxidation layer and reseat. Of course, you can clean the motherboard with a good volatilization of trichloroethylene.

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