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How do I choose a CMS? (CMS full name is Content management system) in the face of many CMS, we have a happy side, there are concerns. Happy is that we can have a lot of choices, worry is afraid to choose the wrong cms.
I think a lot of webmaster also and I have met the choice of CMS difficult time, remember that time, I traveled the "North and South", visited the ASP and PHP two gate faction, as for and JSP these two senior door pie I did not visit at that time. For a time, became the installation of CMS master, for a variety of CMS installation process encountered problems are more understanding. However, these are not the key, the key is that there seems to be no one for me.

If you have a good idea, but it seems that your ideas in the existing CMS can not help you to achieve, you will be confused, but does not mean that your dream will be shattered. As a personal webmaster, in the beginning, it is impossible to get the attention of those VCs, even if you have a good idea, but VCs are not optimistic about your ideas, they need your reality. Therefore, I suggest you do not have to choose the CMS this piece of confusion, because you need to use the CMS, most of the article is only a module, a article module can be derived from a lot of many styles, for example, you can use the article module to do text-only articles, text articles, and even flash, movies, picture browsing and so on. Downloads and other modules just add some stats and fields only, and you can look at the portal site, how many percent of the article module occupies the entire system?

Select the platform is more critical, if you have a certain base of PHP, then the first choice is the CMS of PHP; If you have a certain ASP base, then choose ASP CMS, this can also consider the choice. NET platform.

Choose CMS is a kind of learning, need a lot of patience, as I understand the CMS is not convenient to disclose, lest give suspicion is ad, interested friends can and I exchange:, I will carefully reply to your letter.

Here's our third topic: the theme of the site

Like the forum community, the site also needs to have its own theme. Here, I would like to use the now very Hing garbage station as an example. As a result of the popularity of CMS, collection of convenient and rapid, the increasing broadband, the rise of a large number of web sites, some of which are called "Garbage station."

Below I reprint a section about the rubbish station definition: Rubbish station, with the least manpower, the financial resources, the time, obtains the biggest visit quantity, thus obtains the rich return. 1, the fewest human resources: Content update, add aspect, mostly collect mainly, save manpower. 2, the least financial resources: publicity, promotion of search engine-oriented, reduce the cost of promotion. 3, the minimum time: mainly refers to the maintenance time is few, the flow comes quickly these two aspects. The main purpose of the garbage station is two: traffic, making money. Flow is the basis, the ultimate goal is to profit.

Because of the garbage station, the goal is very strong, so select the theme must be very focused, such as someone to choose the introduction of constellation, some people choose the topic of computer health care, some people choose the collection of programming language, some people choose Beauty Map, if you can take good use of collection, do column classification, coupled with some patience, You can successfully make a small portal. Here, perhaps not used to collect the webmaster will be a little excited, because it can save too much time. People have a common problem, is lazy, I am no exception. If there is a chance to save the labor force, will certainly go to fight for.

Back to the theme of the site, because the garbage station webmaster began to gather can quickly pick up a small site, very focused on the theme to find the source site, this is worth us to learn. No matter the normal station or the garbage station, you need the theme. On the subject, one of my suggestions is to choose the popular, the trend, or the interesting. When the popular theme arises, you may catch the chance, gain a little benefit; When you realize the theme of a trend, you may be able to work silently for several years, and you can gain benefits; When you choose the subject you are interested in, even if you do not have the benefit, can also act as a sense of achievement, at least, you will not be bored.

Then the fourth topic is: The Channel and column of the website

The website's channel refers to the first level column, the column is refers to the two level already second level below the column. Channel, is a very large range, the column belongs to the classification of the channel. The division of these, you can start from your site theme, and then refer to some of the Portal Network division.

The most I want to say about this topic is the navigation of the website, and the site's navigation is reflected in the column above, and these navigation is best not to use JS performance, because from the perspective of optimizing the site, navigation is the search engine to obtain the source of your site structure, for a clear structure of the site, for the search engine is certainly not bad.

For the site structure of the temporary talk so much, and then, I would like to say the fifth topic is: the content of the site editor.

As a regular site, if the Webmaster or editor of the content update does not do a good job, and the garbage station is no different. Most of the CMS now comes with powerful editors, and the editor defaults to the way it is seen. If the source of the update format is not very good, the effect of direct paste over and your site is not symmetrical.

For updates on the content, I suggest you choose the source code editing method, hand-edited some format, and then converted to the visual editing status and then published, for the content of this piece, I have written a special text, this article published I will be placed in the official Software village log above (http://, welcome you to come back to read.

As a webmaster, you need to do each link well, in order to your site more health, in order to purify the Internet, please be responsible for your site, responsible for the site, the 1th is to be responsible for the content. Good content Editor will automatically remove the end of the space, such as redundant elements, this database also has the benefit, if each article is more than a few spaces, or other extra characters, the entire data accumulated up on the larger.

This article is implicated in other aspects of comparison Miscellaneous, now I summarize: CMS is a content-centered system surface, his carrier should be content.

Finally, send a little sense. Now the CMS market is very developed, may be close to saturation bar, but with the technology innovation, excellent CMS will be more and more, to be able to better serve the webmaster. With the establishment of the station easy to improve, we as webmaster, should be more to think how to do the theme and content it? It is incumbent upon us to make our visitors feel better.

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