How to play 360 secure browser?

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Want to play 360 browser to understand it first!

360 browser known as "Hundred Poison", because its company is 360, we all know, the company's 360 can be killing Trojans and so on, therefore, their browser will not be inferior to other browsers.

At present, many people in order to more secure the Internet, have used 360 security browser, for 360 browsers have a lot of practical skills, do not know you know, here to share to everyone!

Open File: Ctrl+o

Save: Ctrl+s

Save As: Ctrl+m

Close current tab: CTRL+W

Restore the last page that was closed: ctrl+e

Cut: Ctrl+x

Copy: Ctrl + C

Paste: Ctrl + V

Select all: Ctrl + A

Find: Ctrl+f

Stop: ESC

Refresh: F5

Thoroughly refreshed: Ctrl+f5

Refresh All: Shift+f5

Fill in the current form: alt+q

Save the current form: alt+1

Toggle Full Screen: F11 very convenient and practical full screen switching

Quick Favorites Current URL: Ctrl+d Web site quickly add favorites

①-Automatic cleaning of Internet traces

The browser can automatically clean the traces of the Internet, after opening the browser, on the right side of the window, find the following figure red Line circled the button, click, pop-up the following picture of the menu list.

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