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multiple ways to add interesting expressions

People often say "Ching", since to use a funny expression, you need to first install the corresponding expression package. In the Baidu pinyin inside add expression method, and other common input method are similar. First open the Baidu Pinyin "Expression Center" window, which can be seen in the network very classic expression. Select one and then click the "Add" button can be installed into the input method, add a successful expression will be shown to the bottom of the window (Figure 1).

Equivalent to the other input method, Baidu Pinyin's interesting expression can be more than these. If you want to get other interesting expressions, you can click on the upper right corner of the "more wonderful expression" link, in the pop-up page to choose a favorite expression package. Click the "Download" button to save it to the system, and click on the "My Favorites" button below the "Expression Center" when the download is complete. Then click on the "Import expression" button, in the pop-up menu, select the "Import local expression" command. In the Pop-up File browsing window select just download the expression package, you can add content to the input method inside.

Adding tag lookup is more convenient

When the fun expression is successfully added to the input method, it can be invoked anytime, anywhere. As with the other input method, only need to enter the corresponding pinyin, you can show a funny expression. Of course, in addition, Baidu Pinyin can also use some shortcut keys to make calls. The user simply presses the "I" button on the keyboard in the input state so that the funny-looking dialog box will automatically bounce out (Figure 2). The next step is to select the appropriate interesting expression, click on it can be displayed into the input content.

But if the user installs the interesting expression more, then according to the traditional way of finding is very inefficient, so we can press the "I" key, enter the need for the expression of the content information. For example, we need to input a haha laugh of the interesting expression, then directly into the Ihaha, so that and LOL-related expressions will be displayed. This is equivalent to the previous two methods of the perfect fusion, so as to better improve the efficiency of the input.

Small tip:

If the input pinyin does not appear after the interesting expression of information, then first open the Baidu Pinyin input method of the Settings window, select the left list in the "common" after the right window inside the "Show Picture expression" option selected on it (Figure 3).

Although this method is very simple, but there is a small flaw, that is, the content of the interesting expression is defined by others, sometimes and our views are different. For example, in QQ with the most expression is "pyrrole", but many users think he is "laugh." In order to avoid such differences, the best way is to customize the content of the expression, which is not the other input method to complete the task.

First, open the "Expression Center" in the previous way, and click on the "Edit label" button at the top of the window to select the expression you want to edit from the list. Then in the pop-up dialog box in the "Custom" input box to enter the customized information, input finished press ENTER to confirm, and finally click the "OK" button to close it (Figure 4). In the future when you need to call the interesting expression, the same first click on the keyboard "I" key, and then enter the custom content pinyin.

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