How to play multiple files embedded in Windows Media Player

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Embedded media player on the webpage is simple. You can complete a simple player with the following code:

 <! Doctype  HTML public  "-// W3C // dtd xhtml 1.0 transitional // en" ""  > <Html  Xmlns  =  Http://"  > <Head> <Meta  Content  =  "Text/html; charset = UTF-8"  HTTP-equiv  =  "Content-Type" /> <Title>  Audio Player  </Title>   Height  =  "200"  Type  =  "Video/X-MS-WMV"  Width  =  "200"  > <Param  Name  =  "FILENAME"  Value =  "C: \ Users \ skyd \ music \ Groove Coverage \ far away from home. MP3"  /> <Param  Name  =  "Autostart"  Value  =  "True"  /> <Param  Name  =  "Loop"  Value  =  "True" /> </Object> </body>  

Running effect:


How can I enable the player to play multiple audio/video files?

You cannot directly add multiple filename parameters to HTML for multi-file playback. You can create a playback list and point the filename parameter to the position of the playback list.

The following C #CodeCreates a playlist file supported by Windows Media Player:

 Public static void  Generate an ASX music playlist file (  String  Storage path,  Params string  [] File path list ){  Stringbuilder  S  = New  Stringbuilder  ();  Foreach  (  VaR  F  In  File Path list) {s  .  Appendline (  String  .  Format (  @ "<Entry> <ref href =" "{0}"/> </entry>"  , F ));} Streamwriter  SW  =  New  Streamwriter  (Storage path,  False  ,  Encoding  .  Default); SW  .  Write (  String  .  Format (  @ "<ASX version =" "3.0" "> {0} </ASX>" , S); SW  .  Close ();} 

Note that:

Encoding should be default (in simplified Chinese system default is equivalent to gb2312), UTF-8, Unicode and so on are not good, ASCII can, but does not support Chinese path.

The music file name can be a local path or URL, either absolute or relative path. If it is a local path, URL encoding is not required.

The file name of the saved playlist is preferably set to. ASX. Otherwise, the player may not recognize it.


How to play a song in random (out of order?

You cannot specify out-of-order playback behaviors in HTML by using parameters. You can use a work und to clone N parts of the playback list, disrupt the order, and combine them into a new large playback list, randomizes playback.

Here we provide a simple extension method to disrupt the set:

/// <Summary> ///  Returns the random sorted set.  /// </Summary>  Public static  Ienumerable  <  T  >  Random  <  T  >  (  This  Ienumerable  <  T >  O ){  VaR  C  =  O  .  Count ();  VaR  L  =  New  List  <  Int  >  ();  For (  Int  I  =  0  ; I  <  C; I  ++  ) {L  .  Add (I );}  While  (L  .  Count  >  0 ){  VaR  I  =  L [R  .  Next (L  .  Count)]; L  .  Remove (I );  Yield return  O  .  Elementat (I );}} 

You only need to combine n original Playlists that have been disrupted by this method into a new playlist output.


On the DesktopProgramThis method is used to play background music.

This should be the easiest way to play music in a desktop program, although it has a strong shanzhai style.

You only need to create a webbrowser control and assign its documenttext attribute to the HTML code of the player.

The following C # code can be used to play background music:

 VaR  Path  =  @ "C: \ 123.asx"  ;  VaR  B  =  New  Webbrowser  (); B  .  Documenttext =  String  .  Format (  @ "<! Doctype HTML public ""-// W3C // dtd xhtml 1.0 transitional // en ""> <HTML xmlns = "" ">   , PATH ); 



XPS version:

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