How to play only some slides in PPT2013

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There are a lot of slides, but really useful is very few, if you just want to play some of the slides directly skip the need to play, then how to achieve it? If you delete a slide that doesn't need to be played, it doesn't feel good because it doesn't work after you delete it. If you want to solve this problem, then may wish to look at this article, may have the unexpected harvest.

Q: The original play order is 1-2-3-4-5-6, but now I want to skip the middle 2-3-4-5 these several, click on the 1th to jump directly to the 6th, how to set up? Or will 2-3-4-5 these slides into the 1th Zhang?

A: Menu commands: Slide show → Custom show, create a new show in the Open dialog box, and then select Slides 1 and 6.

The procedure is simple:

1. Open a document with PowerPoint2013, select the slides that we need to hide, switch to the Slide Show tab, and click the Hide Slides button in the Settings area.

2, now, we hide the color of the slide will fade, and its page number will appear a delete symbol, if we show the slide, we will find that the slide does not play.

3. If we now need to rerun the previously hidden slides, you will need to switch to the Slide Show tab again and click the Hide Slides button in the Settings area.

4, OK, the slide has been back to the original, we can also play it out.

Tip: This method is also useful for hiding multiple slides at once, holding down the CTRL key while selecting multiple slides to hide.

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