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Now slides use a lot of occasions, such as the customer demo products, make courseware demo to the students to see, or the company to use when meeting ... But few computers now have PowerPoint installed, so it's common to package the slides that are made so that they can be played directly, so that you can play the slides on a computer that doesn't have PowerPoint installed.

In PowerPoint 2003, three packages are supported, so if you can package slides into CDs, folders, and Web pages, let's take a look at how they work.

One, burn the slides into a CD

Many people like to show slides packaged into a CD-ROM, so as long as the CD into the CD-ROM drive can not install PowerPoint on the computer directly to play the slide, for customers who often want to do a demo to see, this is more convenient.

First you have to have a burner, then put a blank burn disc into the burner, open a slide demo file to burn, click the menu "file-Package for CD" in PowerPoint, and then name the CD in the pop-up dialog box, and we can also click "Add" button to select other slide files to package, and click the Up and down button on the left to move the order of the slides in the list, which is also the order of play in the disc (Figure 1).

Figure 1 PowerPoint packaged as a CD

After you add the slide file, click the "Options" button to set the playback parameters, select "PowerPoint Player" in the Options window, and select "Automatically play all presentations in a specified order," so that you can play the slides automatically, and then embed TrueType fonts and Linked files are also selected, if your slide file content is more important, then we can also set a password to protect the disc inside the slide file security. Click the "Copy to CD" button on the interface to burn the slides directly onto the disc (Figure 2).

Figure 2 PowerPoint Player options

Burn a good slide disc, generally can be automatically played, if your computer in the CD-ROM drive does not support the function of automatic playback, that just open the folder inside the CD, double-click inside the "Play.bat" file can be played.

Second, let the slide copy to the U disk

The burner may not be very popular, and the "Package for CD" feature described above can only be used in Windows XP or later, and if you are using a Windows 2000 or below operating system, you can't use it. In fact, we can through another PowerPoint packaging function, the slide file into the folder, so we can copy the folder to the U disk, anyway, now the U disk has been very popular, the price is very cheap.

The method of operation is similar to the "Package to CD" method, click on the menu "file-Package for CD", in the "packaging into a CD" window to select the slide file to package, and then click the "Options" button to make some basic settings, press and hold the above settings can also be set up after we click "packaged into a CD." The Copy to Folder button on the window (Figure 3).

Figure 3 PowerPoint Copy to Folder

A "Copy to Folder" window will pop up, enter the name of the folder and save the directory, and then click "OK" button to copy the slide file to the specified folder. After the slide folder is finished, we can copy it to the U disk, so that you can take it with you at any time, want to run the slide file inside the folder, just double-click the folder inside the "Play.bat" file can be (Figure 4).

Figure 4 Setting the file save location

Third, the slide into a Web page

There are times when we need to post slides to the web so that customers can see the slides on the web, PowerPoint supports translating slides into page files, and here's how to do it.

Open the slide file you want to make a Web page in PowerPoint, then click on the menu "file-Save as Web page", in the pop-up "Save as" window click the "Change title" button to change the slide in the page title name, in "Save Type" select "Single File Page", Then set the saved file name and save the directory, click the "Save" button, generate a Web page file, we just upload them to the online space on it (see Figure 5).

Figure 5 PowerPoint Save file as Web page

Sometimes we just save part of the whole slide, you can use PowerPoint to open the slide file that you want to make a Web page, and then click on the "file-Save as page" in the pop-up "Save as" window to click the "Publish" button, pop the "Publish as page" window, select "Slide Number", In the following selection box, enter the starting and ending numbers of the slides, and if you need to display notes, select the show speaker notes, and then set up a supported browser version, typically choosing the first "Microsoft Internet Explorer4.0 or higher", Finally choose the page to save the directory, you can click the Browse button to choose, all set up and click the "Release" button on it (see Figure 6).

Figure 6 PowerPoint Publishing file as Web page

In the generated Slides page, double-click the inside of the page file can see the effect of the page, click the bottom right corner of the "Slide Show" button, the browser can also be Full-screen way to play, the effect and in the PowerPoint2003 play similar (Figure 7).

Figure 7 Playing slides in a Web page

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